Southern California summer autoflower grow help

Hey is anyone familiar with growing from the ceiling outdoors in the heat of a southern California summer? I have two autoflower strains one sour diesel the other be in Northern lights and I’m ready to plant them but I’m worried with the heat that is currently averaging in the 90s this week that putting out plants in the sun so young and small the intense sun could end up killing them. I started my first grow with the same two strains inside for the first month and noticed that the light I was using was apparently not strong enough so I definitely lost some size of the overall plants once I eventually move them outside and I’m trying to avoid the same thing happening again. Any advice would be great

Any way to temporarily shade them?

Yes, I can move them around in different balcony areas during the day keeping them in the shade petty much all day. I’m guessing some direct sunlight may be needed unless they will fine with just actual daylight. Follow up, assuming the moving them around option works, approximately how long should I safely wait until I start allowing them to bask in the actual direct sunlight? Autoflower are already smaller then normal so I wanna get as much size as possible.
Thanks again

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A 2 week transition period before full sun should be sufficient for them.

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