Southeast US Outdoor Germination

First post guys bear with me if I leave out crucial information just learning. I started these seeds inside in paper towel method.

Once tap root appeared planted in small cups 1/2" deep with pencil eraser.

Soil is Pro-Mix regular gardening soil in red bag mixed with 30% perlite. The small cups were placed inside a larger planter maybe 2 qts and plastic wrap with holes pulled over the top for humidity

I do not have option of having seedlings indoors so trying to make this work from the beggining outdoors. Well yesterday a freak storm with dime sized hail hit us hard.

Before the storm it was 88 degrees and i had them full sun in makeshift greenhouse (planter with plastic wrap)

The were all laying down but still green when i got home from work so i buried a little of each stem and staked them… judging by the pictures should I continue with them or start over and what do you think happened?

Backstory on myself: longtime tomato planter from seed and clones and our climate is perfect for them outdoors. Todays high is 79 degrees and will stay that way for the rest of the week



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Other 2 pictures


They’re looking for light. Just let the soil dry out real good too. You can get cheap small greenhouse tents on Amazon to keep them covered in rainy weather.

Really considering using this


Lol it’ll work in a pinch for wet weather :rofl:

I forked up a hundred bucks on a 9’x9’ collapsible greenhouse. Made it through some really bad storms just in the month or so I’ve had it.


How opaque is the covering? I am thinking almost like a shower curtain liner opacity to protect them from harshest rays

It’s the tarp material. Has 2 windows and a big front door that all zip closed. It’s pretty tall also. We’ve had ridiculous rough rain most of the morning and it’s standing no problem. I have the lip around the entire bottom pulled inside and lined with bricks to hold it down


Best pic I got at the moment

Gotta love the weather here. Dont like it? Wait 24 hours…

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Temps are like lottery numbers,all over the place.

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Unfortunately the girls have moved on to plant heaven in the sky. I believe they dampened off? Stalks were flat. @Mateo tell me about it 89, 78, 65 highs last 3 days. Have 4 more soaking the taproot just came out on them so round 2. Do you think the sun is too intense? Direct sun all day i am making sure to keep humidity up but a little worried. I have a 600w hps and a sunny windowsill but really dont want to run hps because of power cost. This is just for personal use so need to keep costs down

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How many are you trying to grow? You could offset the hps by getting a LED HLG patriot or a little veg light to get you through until these temps stabilize. The humidity today is through roof. This is my flower and veg room.

Plan on growing 4 outdoors. Yeah im thinking i will have to start them under a light until the get more leaves on them then take them out a few hours a day until acclimated. What do you think.

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I would def start them inside and let em get its first set of true leaves then start introducing outside.

So the newlings have just sprouted. I am just wondering if daytime temps of 85 degrees in direct sun will be ok for them just popping through soil? Everything i find online says that is too hot but i would really prefer them to be outside and not run lights. I have them in a windowsill covered and humid but i doubt they are getting 6 hours of direct sun currently.

Also feel like the saran wrap i covered them in keeps heat trapped in and makes it extremely hot in the pot

Is this bend normal in the very beginning?

@Muffdvr covering the seedling is good if temps are in the 60’s otherwise you will bake it to a crisp you also need the air flow to help dry out the medium, those little ones don’t need much water. Just got my first greenhouse last year and closed it off with no airflow and it definitely heat stressed my strawberries because when it was staying about 25-30 degrees warmer than outdoors. The Saran Wrap could also magnify the sunlight and toast it as well.

That bend in the seedling is normal, just how they shed the shell

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