Sour Diesel on the East Coast

Haven’t had time to get my own journal going this year, better late than never!
I’ve got 5 sour diesel growing outside. I’m using General Hydroponics Flora trio with General Hydroponics CALiMAGic. I feed every five days, my watering schedule depends on how much rain I’ve gotten in my area and the temps everyday.

Any questions or comments would be great :+1:

This was taken on July 21


Nice hedgerow!

I’ve got 5 sour Ds going right now. They are branchy girls!


They look great.


They’re trying to catch up with @Sasquatch but sadly they’re not trees yet lol


That they are @AAA next year I’ll have so many clones in the grow room.


I did some cleaning out on a few plants today. Most of them are way thick inside. Discovered all 3 of my Crystal are flowering. Gold leaf is close.
Yours look great @whyteboy1994 . That’s going to be a hell of a bush!
Just for fun I started another Jack auto… Seed broke ground today …


@Sasquatch Ill be watching that Jack auto. I wimped out on trying another grow this year. You will probably make me regret it lol! Let the flowering begin

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The Jack is a back up to my back up! I stay worried about molds. There every where. After losing every thing last year I’m paranoid I guess.


I’ve never experienced any molds knock on wood. Termites and spider mites are what im competing with! Hate that you lost a whole seasons worth I remember you told me your still smoking on 2017 stash.

A backup for your backup… nice!

Great job!

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Welcome to ILGM @tammygrows

And looking very green over here @Whyteboy1994

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Very nice looking sour diesel, I grew 14 last season, very nice smoke, will be putting more down this year.

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Here is my favorite of 5 sour D plants I got going.

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I need a fence like that @AAA you can see right through my fence.

Where you located, my plants aren’t even showing signs of flowering yet.

I’m in Southern California. My plants have been going since early to mid spring.

Nice @AAA! I was hella late getting everything together this year. Probably a good thing seeing how big this sour diesel gets. Not to mention the stretch during flowering. How’s your sour diesels stretching so far?

The other 4 won’t stop. I have taken off 50% of the plant twice now and it comes back stronger and bigger. The one pictured is the least wild as far as growth.

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Did a little defoiliation\debranching yesterday evening.



I did some on my girls the other day @whyteboy1994. They look kind of funky now lol

Haha! Yeah i think the same thing when i look at mine, we know it’s for the best tho.

I had yellow leaves under the canopy everyday so i was assuming it was from the canopy being so thick light couldn’t penetrate down to the lower branches.
If it was a N deficiency im in trouble cause i took off most if not all the lower fan leaves.
I have faith im my feeding schedule, which reminds me today I’ve got to feed them again :laughing:

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