Sour Apple x Mint Jelly Auto 1st grow

As stated in title this is my first grow. I got 3 Sour Apple x Mint Jelly auto seeds and 2 freebies from North Atlantic Seeds, I believe they are from Humboldt Genetics. I germed them last week 2/7/23 , dropped into soil 2 days later with 1 inch tails in soil about an inch deep.

I’m in a 2x4 tent , with a 4 inch ventilation system , carbon filter in tent while the fan is outside, I have a heater running that is linked to a thermostat controller as it is fairly cold outside where I’m at . I’m running one 12”x12” led bloomplus 1000w . Medium is fox farm ocean forest soil.

My question is how much more light am I gonna need? And how often to water etc. I don’t plan on running all 5 to full maturity , figured I would take best 2 or 3 a few weeks in and try to LST them and spread them out . Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


Welcome to the forum @Astronomic_Hydro !

Oh, good. I was gonna suggest that is not enough space for all those seeds.

Quite a bit more. That light is only 90watts advertised output(probably less).
Recommended is minimum 35 watts per sq. ft. 280 watts for your space.

That is very important to get right. Cannabis likes what I call “drench/drought”. You should start with the medium fully saturated to begin with.
Seedlings require very little water until roots are established. Recommend using some type of clear “dome” to cover them and maintain very high Rh. until they are well started. Most water they need at this point is to spray the inside of the dome surface occasionally.
Once established in their “forever home”, wait until the plant just starts to droop slightly before watering/feeding. I go by the feel/weight when lifting the planter. Water when light/dry only. When you do water, do it slowly and use enough water/solution that about 20% drips out the bottom. That is called “runoff” and testing it will help you determine the needs of the plant.
Suggest getting a good Ph meter(pen type) and pretty much any half-assed PPM pen will do. You will need those. DO NOT buy one of those “3in1” probe type meters!!!
Good clear pictures are helpful when asking questions.
Good luck and again, welcome.


I run an HLG 350R in my 2x4 and couldn’t be happier. It gets the job done with power to spare. Saved quite a bit by getting a refurbished one. If you want a more budget friendly light check out the 240 watt green beams lights. They’re under $200 after shipping on eBay. I can’t recommend them personally but they have rave reviews from some excellent growers on this forum.


I checked their site, seem to be sold out. What do you think about this vector light would it be enough to veg 2 or 3 plants in the 2x4 efficiently? Maybe paired with the bloomplus1000 I have now. It says it pulls 300w out of the wall I would think it would be sufficient not sure on the reliability though.

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Thanks for the reply! So what would you suggest is the max plant count? I would think 2 or 3 in 3 gallon pots maybe?

Would it even be possible to use the light I have and just run 1 plant to harvest?

Also found a longer light vector 300w . This is my first grow so I’m not looking to set up a commercial build or anything lol. Just wanted to try my thumb. I really wanted to run DWC , but, I’m trying to keep the initial expenses at a minimum until I see how well I can do

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They’ve been sold out on the green beams site, but I saw green beams lights on eBay in the past couple days. They were $169 and $20 shipping. I’ve never heard of vevor lights and a lot of light makers use extremely deceptive advertising. They look awesome, better than HLG, on paper but irl they’re terrible. I’m not saying this particular light is terrible, but it’s a big purchase so I’d go with a company that has a good reputation amongst growers.

Take a look at HLG, Green Beams, Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro and AC Infinity lights to start with. I’ve seen people have good grows with each of these. I’m sure there are other good lights out there. Pricing on these will give you a good idea of what quality lighting costs at different outputs/watts.

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Definitely need more light. This is the best fun u r going to have by growing your own. If you’re like most of all here, after first grow, your wanna get better light. Might as well start with right light. Just my 2cents. Have a blast


Couldn’t agree more. Buy once, cry once. If you don’t get a good light to start with you’ll just end up buying another one. The cost of the first light in that scenario is sunk and you’ll never get it back.

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Welcome to the neighborhood. You are getting some great advice from fellow growers. You will like it here. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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You would get “something” but it would likely be very fluffy with less than great aroma and THC.
That light would probably veg one plant ok but is not enough to flower one.

That would work. 2 is probably better but I have done more in a space about that size.
I modified my 32x32 to be 32x48 for a while. Running 2 Mars Hydro T-1000s (150w each)
There are 4 planters here. 1- 5 gal, 2- 3 gal and a 2 gal that has a weird single stalk bud kinda hiding in the back.

I have it put back to 32x32 now with one in flower, one seedling/early veg and a sorry-assed sprout that will likely get tossed.

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I posted . I purchased a bloomplus bp3000 which pulls 300w from the wall along with the 1000 that pulls 90 w giving me 390w of LED light.

I killed off two seedlings leaving me with (2)3gal and (1) 5 gal. Containers. Transplanted the two from the little cups into larger containers and they had a pretty full root system and it was binding around the bottom of the cup.

I also set the lights on a timer at 18/6.

I will post pictures tomorrow .

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Whatcha think my friend

Uploading: E37CD655-0450-42A5-B860-C796F968F8E9.jpeg…

Uploading: BA9CFD1E-2389-4CDB-89E4-7DC7BE6436DA.jpeg…

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Looks like a good run on the way!

Much better for sure. You should make nice dense nugs.

I spoke to Corey Richter at Green Beams yesterday and according to Corey, they are having a “major supplier problem right now”. He said this happened once before and it took them a month to recover. Hope GB is back on track soon🤞but in the meantime you can contact them and they’ll reach out to you when their stock returns.

Sweet! Will definitely look at upgrading to one in the future.

I haven’t been able to find many diaries or grows where people have used the Bloomplus lights. They seem to be on par with most other budget LEDs though (Marshydro, spider farmer, viparspectra etc.)

So since all these were started in fox farm ocean forest soil, when would I need to add amendments if any to the soil?

Also I feel like other plants I’ve seen at 2 weeks of age seemed much more full than mine.

Humidity has been around 40-50% , would a humidifier help with vegetative growth?

After 30 days or so

Comes with experience. Baby steps first. :+1:

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Thanks man!

Also how do I quote people when replying ??

Thank you, my brother. Very informative chart.

I have no idea what kpa means ,but, Seems like I need to be be around 75-80% RH for the early veg stage considering my temperature has been fluctuating between 80-85F