Something Wrong, Need Help!

Setup: 3x3 Grow tent, carbon exhaust, 3000w Spider Farmer light, Co2, autopot,
Plant: Blue Dream (popped 1 April)
Nutes: Jacks 321 AB silica + Epson
Microbe tea(TPS Billions)with molasses every 7 days.
Climate average 75°-80°F RH 57%-61%

This started after i gave her the microbes tea with molasses. (TPS 1/2tsp per gal and Molasses 2 tsp per gal). Gave it on Friday and Sunday is when i noticed something was wrong.

I thought she wasn’t getting enough water so i shut the res valve off and drain the water for her tray then turn the valve back on. I can see water entering the tray.

I added an AC to my grow room on friday as well and using the same outlet to exhaust. Could the ac exhaust be push back into my tent? I dont see any sign to confirm that idea.

@OGIncognito @Pinboy
Let me know what you think.

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I think the AC exhaust volume is greater than the tent exhaust and stifling the exhaust air. That could be the main issue?? What’s the RH and temps in the tent. Adding microbes and molasses will greatly increase nutrient uptake….could be a combination of both. This is auto pots and coco?? :love_you_gesture:


I’m gonna say having the 2 exhaust together and the ac exhaust being bigger is the problem. Separation is needed imo.


The temp hangs around 74 - 80
The RH hangs around 50-60.
Yes its autopot with Coco Perlit
I turned up the exhaust fan in the tent to create higher pressure to counter the ac exhaust. I will separate it to see if that helps.

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I would recommend omitting the microbes and molasses using coco. I’ve never saw the benefit in coco. Less is more Grow Bro, was this mix added to the res or trays or top fead? Bottom wicking set ups should not be fead from the top :love_you_gesture:


I think you’re covered on the advice. I would separate the exhausts and stop adding anything other than the jacks for now. Keep your ph around 5.8 but it’s ok if it varies a bit

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@NewGuy2 I run the same type of portable AC unit and the exhaust is much stronger than my 6 inch vent fan, you will have to run separate ducts for each. The ac exhaust is pretty hot also! Mine vents thru wall to a carbon filter with another 6 in booster fan to scavenge all heat away from room.


I poured the mix directly into the tray.

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Okay so i fixed the exhaust issue but im not sure if she will bounce back. Any suggestions on how i can recover better or os it too late?

What silica are you using? And how was it introduced?

Here is the brand of silica i use.

Using a water pump to help mix,

I typically add Silica to my water 1st.
Then Part A
Then Part B
Then Epson
I wait 5-10 minutes between adding an ingredient.

I ask because I too used the same silica in the autopot res with nutes. Ph wasn’t very stable but I made it work. Once off they drooped just like yours. I refilled the res (no silica) and continued feeding. Although they took 2 8 gallon res in less than a week they still looked sad. I finally cleaned lines, tanks and trays and refilled res. It took them probably 8 hours and they were back to normal and happy. I spoke with manny from AP and he mentioned that silica “ will cause other elements to precipitate out of solution and ph issues”. Ph I knew about. But silicic acid is apparently different from potassium silica. I suppose the acid is more readily available. It definitely put a damper on my girls but damn if them branches aren’t harder than woodpecker lips. I don’t know if this is your issue but they looked just like mine. I also got some calmag deficiency from that also. Check into grow genius msa or dune brand monosilicic acid. Hope this helps or will later.