Something dug up my plants

Had a few seedlings left over from germination planted them in some weeds off site. Checked on them today something dug two of them up from underneath there was a visible hole right next to them. Did not seem to eat them just unearthed and laid over on their side. Ever see anything like this?

Worms/night crawlers. When I plant onion sets they will pull them out of the ground. Sometimes the green tops are pulled down into the hole. Would be my guess if they weren’t eaten.

These are big holes much bigger then a worm. I’m thinking moles the plants seem to be targeted two about 10 feet apart many of the others were not disturbed yet. The plants were a good foot tall. No signs of other disturbance near by. How would you keep this kind of varmint with out poison.

Has there been any Bigfoot sightings around the area?


Not that I am aware of you never know. May be the aliens came back to Kecksburg grew up there.

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well that sucks, maybe put a hoop of 2 inch wire around those plants? Dig it down 6 inches and leave it there for support

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Don’t believe they dug up from the top, came from down under. Aussie maybe.

That’s strange. Moles usually eat worms, grubs and other insects that live in the ground. I have moles and I mean a bunch. I also have a 2 1/2 acre organic market garden. Moles have never messed with any of my veg. I’d try a mole trap or one of those ultrasonic devices that send pulses into the ground. They will deter them from coming in that area. Poison should be last resort. I used to have to go out every day and put onions back from worms pulling them up, when I read your first post this just brought back memories.

It’s a fare thought I had a bad case of moles last year destroyed my lawn put out stuff to get rid of the grubs moles gone. I thought it was strange also as they seemed to target my plants?? Questions questions some times nature does strange things. I will do my best to keep an eye on things, as I stated they were extras I planted them in different locations different soil types varying amounts of shade and water available as some what of a experiment. The crop I am counting on is safe and secure in 5 gal pails that I baby sit.

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I dunno…, however,
I am not saying that this is what’s happening, but… when I was taking Horticulture in school I physically saw this happen and it was the strangest looking thing
the plants at a young age have small roots… now that the roots are growing they may be growing into one of their “tunnels” and they dug the plan up to get it out of its pathway… LOL When I saw this happening it was weird the planet just starts moving and moving and moving all of a sudden the Earth around it starts piling up and then Boom up comes to plant, and then the Critter will Shore up the hole, then move on

Well replanted them in the dug up hole all was well for a few days.
Then the Easter Bunny came to visit and you can guess what happened next he came for dinner. That’s life in the country nature happens. Good luck all…

Fill the hole up with gasoline and lite her up ROTFLMAO, please don’t do that I’m just playing .