Some marijuana space advice

A question from a fellow grower:

I live on the coast of Australia and have a shed which is 11m long 7m deep and 3m high. I’m wanting to grow 20 plants in I think 7 gallon pots. I’ve estimated it should only take up half the shed. I was wondering because this is a large area what are the best cheapest lights for me how many should I use? Also because this is such a large grow space and I’m only using half of it will I even need the use of dehumidifiers or air conditioning? Also, with such a large grow space and lights how can I keep my electricity bills to normal to avoid police detection in addition this will be my first ever grow so hence why I’m nervous and scraping the best of every bit of information.

We get the electricity question a lot, there is not really anyway to get around using a fairly significant amount of electricity, especially in a large grow. Most people use the HID lights, they are the most affordable up front and provide the most intense light per watt for the purchase price. But in a space your size you are talking numerous 600 watt HPS, or maybe even numerous 1000 watt HIDs. The smaller the grow, the less light you can get away with using, larger spaces are not as efficient for the light being used. This is why HIDs are almost always used in large spaces and LEDs and high output fluorescent lights, T5’s for example, are almost always used in really small cabinet grows. As far as the need for dehumidifiers or air conditioning, you will probably need them at some point regardless, this will have a lot to do with regional temperatures and humidity.

In Australia you will probably only have to worry about keeping that shed cool. Theres your electric bill. Or at least the explaination for the electricity. Your new “home office” in the shed you need to keep cool.
My advice; Start with 4 plants per 400W light, get a switchable balast(MH/HPS). First grow = start small, youll thank me. Once you get those 4 down though then its off to the races, this is just knowledge, not a professional sport, though the practice makes perfect principal deffinitely applies. Each 400W setup costs me $25/month in the best state in the union of the good ol US. Ive got two going now, next grow ill have three, and 4 more plants total. Start your grow slow, increase your plants as you increase your profiency. The rest will take care of itself. For the ultra paranoid, the local electric joint keeps track of my use per year, upped slowly i dont think theyll care. More money for them. Just dont think of hotwiring anything and stealing power, thatll get you in heat hotter than that shed in summer without A/C.
I would worry more about how ur gonna seal that shed and keep the light from shining out all the cracks. Maybe a shed inside your shed… You got a basement??