Solventless hash Rosin

So I am just wondering how to make solventless hash rosin. I feel like I have almost all the materials I have a press and freeze dryer. Do I need like an ice bubble hash machine?

I don’t really know what else I’m supposed to have to make it, but the Internet really does not have that much information I was hoping that he knew someone here able to help me.

Also I don’t know the steps either so if you could outline that too. Thank you!

From what I’ve seen the heated plates of the press will give you the rosin from material once pressure is applied with it. You have parchment paper to catch the rosin and press bags to stuff material in you should be good. There’s tons of videos on YouTube.

I never knew that lol thank you

I’ve been making hash oil with 99.9 isopropyl alcohol for a few years now and everyone loves the finished product. I can make cars, mix in butter but I love to put it on top of a bowl. It smokes for days. Never have any luck with a press

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Weird question but when you make it with the alcohol does your rosin come out clear or dark? I want the very clear looking stuff.

The alcohol is an amber color then as it cooks down it thickens up and ends up being pretty dark

What type of press do you have?

I have the mypress solventless

Ok ik wat 1 u have…i use the rosineer presso currently and ive used the ju1cebox handheld press as well…they r actually super simple to use…you can use a micron or not really up to you! You can make crumble wax and shatter off your press as well jus a matter of heat on your plates:
Never go above 225 on your plates
Crumble run it in the 165-175 range
Wax 175-190
Shatter 190-225

Pressure wise:
Depends on different factors but usually never over half ton pressure

Time cycle:
I run 100 second intervals for 1st and 2nd press and i do not use pucks after that to press again but u cud if you wanted

Materials shud always be kept at 62 percent with boveda for best results…the drier the material the less yield back

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