Soil type questions(indoor)

Hello people !

Ive been reading this sides forums for long now and i must say i do trust you people…Im interested growing some weed again BUT i got some serious questions b4 starting over since i havent succeed aither indoor/outdoor on my own…

Ok well , i`ve tried couple of times growing indoor/outdoor but i havent succeed aither way as i said before…And since Soil type is very importand and i really would love to start correct , i need to ask alot about it …
1)My soils composition is : blond(blonde) peat (decomposition DEGREE Von Post : H2-H4 , H3-H6) , 40% compost from green leaves , 40% bark of pine (20% Composted pine bark) …
2)Soils Nutrients : Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P)
3) pH : 5,4-7,2 (CaCl2)
4)Salt : 1,5-2.5 g/l KCI

Is this type of Soil viable for Seed / Veg / Bud periods ? If so , which ?

Those nutrients are helpful or they are un-neccesary/not helpful at all since im going to fertilize my self(ive been reading that soil with ferts its own aint that powerful than fertilising your self when you have to`)

What about the other composition?is that good at all?
(Its kinda hard fetching a good quality soil where i live, imma in need of drving my self almost 2 hours road just to find somethin,so any tips/help is rly helpful)

From what I been reading is that you want almost a neutral soil for the top and midway of your soil in your pot and a more nutrient balance soil on the bottom . By layers of your soil it really gives your seedlings a better chance through they growth cycle and as they roots develop you don’t want young root developing plants in hot unbalance nutrient release soil , or it will cause all kind of nutrient defiencies . Now I’m no expert , actually I’m in the beginning of the learning process myself . I started with 3 bag seeds of some decent street bought , but I started off to anxious of giving liquid nutrients in fox farm and ocean forest mixed soil which I learned had all the nutrients the little seedlings needed . So I actually burned 2 of them to the point of no recovery and been fighting trying to save the one , but brother this plant has been stressed beyond help , but somehow pulled through through a very intense flushing method and a pot transplant from a 2.5 liter to a 3 gallon , it might just make it to flower with this new method I have learned about layering your soil from neutral to balance soil in your pot . But per say if you want to add nutrients yourself , I suggest you start with coco coir mixed with a great decent amount of perlite so it can drain properly . But if you used fox farm happy frog (the brown bag ) it’s a good soil medium to start seedlings but "DO NOT " add any liquid nutrients until at least between the 4-6 week or until the plant has accomplished at least 6 - 8 nodes . The way I do it is by the fan leaves . The first set will be 3 leaves , the second set will be 5 , the third will be 7 and the forth will be 9 , and usually after the ninth leave development it’s has the ability to be topped and can be still vegged until the next layer of leaves grow from where it’s been topped , and once you have reached that point , I say it’s okay to introduce the plant to liquid nutrients , and always start with less than what the bottle says are you can give way to much of nutrients to soon . Now at this point if your are seeing the plant show great response a vigorous growth your doing good . But make sure you don’t try to rush the growing process , it has stages for a reason , so be patient and approach with caution . Now if you growing indoors and your plant reach 18-20’ you can switch it to flower 12/12 and after the second week of switching cut back on your veg nutrients and slowly introduce your flowering nutrients slowly …baby steps to prevent problems . Now the easiest way I was told is to transplant in stages . Seedling from cup to at least a 3 liter pot with just water schedule , and from a 3 liter to a 3 gallon with just ph water , and from a 3 gallon to a 5 gallon with ph water and liquid nutrients maybe 3 feelings and the plant could finish to harvest without many issues . Now you will need measurement gauges tds meter ph meter and balance water ph between 6.2 -7.0 in the water run off and you could become successful . But honestly you will have to keep a watchful eye on your plants , it’s merely best to know the strain you growing and what best environment it grows best and try to apply that climate , humidity , temperature , ph ratio at the roots and parts per million that’s moving in the water to kind of keeping a handle on things , but it you layer your soil in stages and plant your seedling in the right layer mix it will do good all by itself with just balanced ph water run off at 6.5-7.0 I believe from my experience , but that is not all that great right now . I myself is still trying to reach success , but I have been reading a lot of information and Roberts grow bible daily . My best suggestion is not to over think to much , give the plant the right elements that it needs and you can end up with a few ounces for your first grow. But good luck to you , have much patients , and learn to read the plant , because they actually will tell you what they desire . Be very selective with your nutrient system less is more , baby steps with liquid and know what’s in your soil medium , learn to mix it properly and you could do great . It’s a very strategic precise learning experience and every strain is different …hope this help you brother and hope we both one day can be hanging and drying trying to fight the smell waiting to smoke our personally own home grown medical smoke !!!

Hey Yoshi and thanks for all those infos !

I just downloaded the bible and im trying to figure out whats good and whats not …
Alltho as ive understood so far , its all about trying this growing thing out and get some experience on it …
I havent seen whats the require fluorescent lights wats for the seedling period for the indoor grow?!

Again the more you read will certainly determine how you invest . I seen a 2x2x5 grow set up and for $443 I thought it would give me great chances of growing indoors . But now I’m thinking the 400 watt light is not quite efficient enough to really put out a vigorous grow of ligh 2 plants . I’m seeing new growth on the one plant but it’s like 7 weeks old it has 2 Mai colas from being topped at like 3 weeks old and just starting the second set of new growth colas , but I been having burn issues and trying to recover the plant . I think it became root bound for like 2 weeks in the 2.5 liter pot and I was unsure if that was the case , so I transferred it to a 3 gallon and added lime dolomite to the soil mixed with more perlite and coco coir and it revived and growed only one full set of a 9 leaf set of fan leaves and I topped it a second time and the second set is slow going . I’m considering to buy either a diamond series light from advance lighting or a black dog or California solar storm . Wish I could get some sure considerations on which , but again it’s a gamble and learning experience , so I think I’m going to go with the advance lighting model but unsure of what size would be good for my small tent . I really want a model with the veg and bloom switch on it to give better spectrum to the plants in each stage of growth , but that’s almost another $800 or so and I’ve got yet to get back to work or more less harvest a plant . Had a buddy text me and say loud is going for like $225 an ounce now for street average smoke …man that’s !@#$ing pricey is why I’m trying to grow my own , but I guess after I max out my credit card of $2500 on lights , seeds, 3 different brand of soil and nutrient systems , plant protector , somewhere down the line I might could figure this growing thing out . It’s become a very expensive investment of learning . I’m actually waiting on 3 orders from ILGM , seeds 2 strains W.W. & OG Kush 20 of them , booster products , and plant protector , and now may need a stronger light , because the 400 watt that came with the setup don’t seemed to doing the job as I predicted . So maybe a stronger light at 5watts or 10 Cree watts from advance lighting and good genetic seeds of a highly potent strain and 4 different liquid nutrient systems , Roberts brand , fox farm brand trio , techna flora brand , and hydroponic brand , I should be able to get lucky enough to grow at least 2 plants and make it to harvest I hope . I have humidifier , dehumidifier , temperature gauge , ph meter digital and liquid test or kit , and tds meter and co2 green pads generators and not even made it to flower yet , to where I seen guys do extremely better than me with cheap cfl’s lights , go figure . I’m not into this for commercial by no means , just personal health reasons and can’t afford legal trouble due to medication needs and a breathing machine that is not prison issued . But it’s always seems harder for the good guy in all aspects of life …and we die slowly living !!!

Ohh gosh so many things to learn every single time … :slight_smile:
Anyhow thanks for all this , i got your point … Will send you a private msg for more
Thanks again !

Ok , but I have some good news , my ILGM seeds have made it , now I’m waiting for the booster nutrients and plant protector . Than I just bought the new xte model 200 watt led light from advance lighting for $599 just a moment ago , and they are actually located an hour drive from my house , so I will buy that big panel they have for like $1195 I think since I can drive to get it without shipping cost and another tent now . With this light verses the 400 watt I have it has a much better spectrum of light , watts and dimmable switch from veg to bloom that would definitely better my chances . But I’m taking notes of the process for the beginners to give them a better options to they do’s & don’t because the support team explains the info from a more formative way of growing from a college study degree in agriculture information and if confuses the high school drop outs that’s trying to have success . My advice is to keep a very detailed chart of everything you do to the smallest details to give you a reference of your own guide to follow so you can make adjustments to what you done . Now I need a carbon filter system , exhaust fan and ducking with a formative way of supplying co2 and I should definitely be equipped with the right supplies to reach the finished . Patience , determination , and detail step by step information should get you to a harvest .

Great info from you yoshi. I too have been unsuccessful in my attempts at indoor growing but I am determined to change that this time. There is a lot of good information in what you ha to day here. In fact, I printed it out and intend to keep it around to refresh myself occasionally. Thanks and keep it green.

Your welcome , but it has been trial and error for me but hopefully in about a month or so I should have a very nice plant to show a photo of , but I’m hoping dialing in on the whole vegging cycle I can grab hole of the flowering quickly and not over do anything because if 30-45 days is hard for consistency , man 60-72 days is going to be a brain storm . But if you make it to flower and it starts to bloom do not make any sudden changes because there is no turning back from flower and that’s to much invest nursery time to mess up .

this my lil Lone Ranger stressed bag seed plant trying to show new life of revival , actually this was a week ago , she looks better now since this photo , but hopefully she will show massive response when I get this new XTE Diamond 200 advance light setup sometime this weekend . So by the following weekend it should at least start vegging the second set of main nodes after second topping method , but I’ll post a photo once it shows new life . This was 4 days after the pot size transplant from root bound 2.5 to 3 gallon and considering going to 5 if needed , so I have the feeding regiment almost ideal because the plant has been showing better response and hopefully it continues .