Soil mixture looks awesome!

Im loving my new setup it’s freaking awesome! I’m addicted to growing as much as smoking and never knew :joy::joy::joy:. Robert and the team, bless you guys your awesome!!!



Old marine you reckon the mix I explained, with that s4000 spider farmer, and my lots of passion for marijuana and growing, will produce something worth showing off


Doesn’t this organic technique, and indoor growing produce better product then just some regular loud weed everybody usually has?


What kind of mix did you choose, Bb4life420?

I just made my own concoction. Two big bags of the coast of Maine, half of a big bag of cow manure, bag and a half of worm castings, half bag of vermiculite. It sure looks feels and smells wonderful. :joy:


Ur plant looks amazing in the first pics but what happened in the next pics its not looking so good it looks like they need a feed or just watering

A little over watered she’s perked back up now and tanks for the compliment

Oh that last one just got main lined yesterday and has already shot out that new growth in the middle. Loving spider farmer right now.

They look good keep up the good work ,heres my plant

That’s pretty

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Thank you thats grown in organic soil i use bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and worm castings and organic compost

Are you male or female :joy:

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Who me yah im male why ,thats a random question to be asking someone

Was just curious my wife gives me hell and thought I was talking to a chic named Tessa :joy::joy::joy: