Soil copmpaction

I transplanted 3 days ago into 5 gallon fabric pots here

I am already starting to see some droop in the leaves. I am also concerned that I may have soil compaction. Some of the pots seem pretty hard on the bottom. Whats the best way to tell and what can I do about it if anything now.

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Best thing you can do is squeeze the pots to help break it up. Next round, make sure to add 20% perlite and mix it in the soil beforehand. This will help drainage and combat compaction.


Seems normal but if you want better drainage Id follow what Bobbydigital advised!

I added 8 quarts per bag of Ocean forest of perlite. I am just concerned I packed to much soil in there turning transplant however. Thanks for the quick response.

8qrts to the whole OF bag or to each pot?

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8 quart bag into a tub with a full bag of ocean forest.

Bump that up to 12 per bag next time. It can also feel like compaction with vigorous root growth. Is your soil level actually going down?


Soil level is where it was 3 days ago when I transplanted. I just think I may have shook the bag a bit much when adding soil. I saw a thing where they said dont do that of course that was today. I also think my perlite might be a bit small. It’s the lowes brand

Oh you just transplanted. And you pre compacted, lol. It’s all good. Squeeze the sides of the pot to try and loosen it up and remove extra soil if necessary.


@Jackie_Daytona, 3 to 5 days after transplant my girls look droopy, like they needed water, even though I know they didn’t. She is getting her roots down, and acting up. She will be fine! :smile:

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Compacted soil is typically really high in clay or fine powdery sediment. If you have just transplanted I would remove the plant from the new material carefully and replace it. Depending in the soil youbare using you could cut it with 30 to 50 percent promix hp or simply add perlite. The downside of perlite alone is it tends to surface after awhile and you need lots of it, like 30 percent by volume. Your plant will grow WAY better with higher porosity mix.

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I am in Ocean forest with what I had originally wrote down as 8quarts to a bag of soil. However going back today and looking at my inventory I see that I used 10-12 quarts per bag of ocean forest.

I went back and felt the pots and the hardness on the bottom wasn’t that hard after a few light squeezes.

I see you mention porosity I have been watching several videos this evening regarding soil porosity is mentioned often in connection with various mediums. So many soil choices. I just watched a video about subcools super soil which was extremely interesting. My wife just reminded I have been in the grow room/my new office for 14 hours. lol


Super soils are excellent providing you have enough light to utilize the nutrients. I tend to use moderate light levels so I normally cut super soils with promix. I never have burn and I can run my led at around 150 watts during veg.

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