Soil and need help!

I dont know if i messed up or not but i added composted manure soil with ffof ocean. I bought 5 gallons bag for green crack, gg4 (auto flower), northern light auto flower. So i am trying to grow 3 plants. So i took about 4 gallons of ffof soil in the bags and about 1-1.5 gallons of composted soil and mixed them up together. I have noticed the weight of the bags increased a lot.

I have provided the pictures. Is it okay to use this soil to grow the plants I am intending to grow or did i mess up the soil.


Ffof is already a hot soil. It says soil on the bag but its more like a compost and didnt need to be amended. Composted cow manure is also not the best amendment for cannabis so i would mix in a couple bags of happy frog or some peat so you dont burn them up with too much nitrogen


You should be ok, I would add some additional perlite to help with drainage :love_you_gesture:


how’d the plants end up planting in this soil?