So I'm a little paranoid about the THC level. How do it know?

Would you really need to wash/soak your plant? Wouldn’t you just dry the plant during harvest like normal. Then grind flower for decarb?

Interesting topic… My most recent ‘invention’ is canna-waffles. A brownie mix with both canna-oil and decarbed trim in the batter, cooked in an ordinary waffle maker.

As a chemistry major (and hospital lab tech) a half century ago - when I started smoking weed - dosing has been a mathematical concern. When a strain is claimed to have 20 or 25% THC, what is that 20 or 25% of? And most strains have very little THC, rather THC-A which must be converted through decarboxylation to THC - and a small percentage of that is ‘lost’ in the conversion process.

I have not had my weed analyzed, since there aren’t any local establishemts that do that sort of thing. (Might be a profitable side hustle.) But all four varieties are supposedly “heavy hitters”. Four good hits of any in a vaporizer puts one into couch-lock mode.

Now in making brownies in a 9x9" pan - which will be divvied up into 9 brownies when done - I have used 9 ‘joints-worth’ visually measured. (My digital scale is not capable of small gram measurements.) Same batter gets used for waffles.

Now the next potential project is using de-carbed buds in beer brewing. While a home brewer from way back, a good friend who owns a craft brewery is most interested in experimentation, but maybe not in time for 4/20. Anybody done this? Should the buds be included in the boil, or maybe pitched later like “dry-hopping”? Again, the math is daunting…

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@72Rover Check out Craft Beer and Brewing online. They have an article regarding “Dosing Homebrew With Marijuana Tinctures.” The article is a few years old and not sure if there’s an updated version yet. Homebrewing was one of my hobbies that I greatly enjoyed. One that I no longer pursue. Hope it helps you out some. :v:

Wouldnt 11% of 1000mg(1 gram) be 110mg? That would be quite the mistake especially since hes looking to make a 1mg edible

This is so detailed. I liked the CBD cookie recipe and will try it soon.