So first time autos can/should I trim?

Didn’t need both pics just want to show outer growth. I’ve read over and over not to trim autos or they will waste energy trying to heal. One of these pics is at the base of my plant I was wondering those little fan leaves and bud sites at the bottom of a couple branches aren’t going to produce well since won’t get much light. Is it ok to trim these bud spots and small fan leaves since they seem to be nothing but a drag. Thanks all


I’ve never had any type of cannabis plant display any symptoms of stress from being trimmed. Trim away. Many auto growers avoid other forms of more stressful training such as topping because you don’t want to stress a plant when you don’t know when the plant is going to start flowering.


Yep let there be light

I have been trimming back inward growing leaves and large ones blocking light on this Blue Dream auto almost daily. And I’ve not noticed any obvious signs of stress. I’m trying to get adequate light to lower bud sites


We pulled big fan leaves slowly and used no training techniques at this time, this is our first attempt to grow ing the sticky icky plant.
3 banana kush autos, 2 straight coco and one water only superb soil from potforpot.

All 3 have exceeded our expectations. Kept the lights on for 12-14 hrs veg and 12/12 for flower. They started flower day 25, between weeks 3-4,


It’s OK to take a few leafs to create better air flow just don’t go crazy. Good luck :v:

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