Smell of tent and residual smell

Know the idea of odor control, sealed tent, fan & carbon filter on the exhaust. I even went and duct taped up every seam on my tent and still have an issue with smell outside of the tent.

Plants smell a lot more than I imagined, just wondering how some do it in a smaller area. I open my tent my whole basement will smell for awhile afterwards. Will adding a fan and carbon filter to the intake help with residual odor? I’m not in a situation where it’s a huge issue, but if it smells like this in veg just planning for flowering and drying smells.

Been planning a fully sealed room in my basement, which may happen sooner. Crazy what 15 years from growing changes, we had decent bud then but nothing like I’m seeing form the ILGM White Widow already.

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Try ona gel. You can find it on amazon.

Which end of the exhaust did you put the filter? It should be in the tent and the fan outside of the tent drawing out. That is the only thing I can think of.

The fan also has to be powerful enough to pull a vacuum on the tent. What is the size of the tent and cfm of the fan?

If you adjust your fan speed to were you have a good negative pressure inside tent at that point you should be exhausting all warm stale air and odor outside. Leave a pass through hole open at the bottom exhaust out top. Good luck

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Could be your filter is at useful life.

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Good point Wicked ale I always change filters after ever grow.

Nah it’s two weeks old. Works fine, just looking for ways to help. I got it figured out

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