Smart pot transplanting

Can you transplant a small smart pot right into a bigger smart pot? will the roots grow through? I don’t want to take it out of the small pot because the roots have already attached themselves to the pot.

That’s a great question.

I started some WW seeds in solo cups. I want to transplant into a 2-3 gallon then into a 7 gallon.

I’d like for the 2-3 gallon to be fabric, but I’m worried about damaging it when I take it out.

I can’t see it happening. Smart pots are made from non-woven polypropylene (plastic). It is not biodegradable. You can probably just roll the sides of the pot down. That is what I do when I want to inspect the root ball after harvest.

That’s why I don’t use fabric for the transition pot, only final pot.


I don’t think the roots will easily grow through it.
If you sliced open the smaller pot in a bunch of spots the roots would find their way out.

I too only use fabric pots as a final home.

No you cannot, unfortunately you have to cut the pot off. I have done this before and cutting it off is sometimes needed. Fabric pots are amazing, but this is one drawback. Check out

I use these and GeoPots are in my opinion much better constructed than Smart Pots, and the customer service department is super helpful and friendly.

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Check out the geopot link

These work well!!


I had decided 15 gallon smart pot would be my final pot but I decided to upgrade to 45

Easiest way to get them out is by using something long and flat ( a paint mixer stick works well) and stick it between the side of the cloth pot and soil and work your way around. Then transplant like you would with regular pots. Mine usually come out whole. This was from a 5 gallon