Small spots mainly starting at the tips

Small spots on fan leaves. It looks like it starts at the tips. I’m in coco/perlite in 3 gal pots. I was watering everyday to runoff then saw a gnat and went to watering every 2 days to allow the coco to dry out on top. I just switched back to watering everyday with GH nuts at 625 ppm and 5.8 to 6.3 ph

What was your in out ppm and ph last watering? So you’re feeding nutes every watering? How’s root structure? Soft and spongy around the outside edge or firm?

Last ppm was 625 and out 866 ph in 5.9 out 6.4

And I’d say say kinda firm but also some give to the root area

Also, you should only water when the pot feels light or the soil is dry down to your second knuckle.

Your ph in should be around 6.5 for soil (after adding nutrients) . Here are some charts to help with leaf problems… I’m certainly no expert on diagnosing plant problems so hope it helps


@StanL welcome to the ILGM forum man! How old is she? She looks underfed to me! Your PH should vary some with the sweet spot being5.7-5.9, that said you should run it up and down from 5.5-6.5 only moving it .2 at a time. The reason for this is
You need to look at Hydro. side
The small brown spots could be Mg or P. Coco sequesters C and Mg, what is your nutrient line and feeding/watering schedule?

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Looks like it to me too

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Cal mag works wonders.

You mean Photos as in photoperiod, yeah they show when they are mature enough, she is sayin’ she is ready if you are! It does not nean you have to flip then, you can keep her in this stage for a long time. It is the change to 12/12 lighting that makes her pop!

Yes lol photos… thank you for correcting me… I’ve packed my brain with so much lately that sometimes I get the terminology a lil mixed up

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