Small plant with no side nodes

So this is my first grow, I’m just ending week 8, and I know there is no saving this plant but I’d like to avoid this happening in my next grow.
This is Dark devil auto by sweet seeds
So my plant is super tiny it’s like 20cm, only one node stretched out of the main cola and it’s about 5cm. In a desparate attempt to introduce some light to the nodes I did some defoliation in week 1 of flower (which may have been a mistake). I’m also guilty of a bit of overwatering, but not insanely, the plant never looked too droopy or anything so I don’t know if it stunted the growth. Can you guys help me avoid this in the future?
Here is some info about the growth:
150w cfl 10cm form the plant
Plagron alga grow&bloom
Junglebox micro
Advanced nutrients rhino skin
Sometimes I’m adding homemade fertilizers like banana peel tea or as you can see in the photo matches for phosphorus.

I’m growing in soil with perlite and seabird guano, watering with pH 6.1-6.4, last watering had ppm of 1100

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Sometimes they just don’t grow very large.

Oh okay, thank you

Not enough light? @Myfriendis410, @dbrn32,

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Hard to be uber successful with 150 watt cfl, but you can grow some weed. if I had to guess you did something to stunt them. Could have been cutting on them, but all kinds of things can send autos into flower small.


I thought they would stretch towards the light if it was weak, but yeah that could be it as well.

Honestly my best guess is all of those things combined. Slight overwatering, weak light, even repotting them once because I didn’t know you couldn’t do that to autoflowers. I have one more plant with led lights now in coco and I’m careful about those things.