Small brown top budlets at 4th week of flowering

Im in the 4th flowering wk o growing 9 GSC plants from bag seeds. (No males!) I cropped my girls earlier and they have been budding out beautifully. When 3 or 4 days of cold and rain came i brought them in under lights. Now they are out when sunny and warm, in when not (on wagons). Now suddenly a few buds on top of a couple of plants have turned brown. Freaking that it was bud rot, i cut some off to examine under my tiny microscope. Ni movind microscopic critters or sings of mold, but found a 1/8 inch light green worm in one. What do i do?!

Apply captain jacks deadbug, and hunt down the caterpillars manually and kill them physically. They can cause a lot of damage.
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Thank you. Will BT or a neem spray work? Jacks?

Also, can i dry and try the buds i already clipped?

Not for flowering. It has a very strong odor.

BT might. Check the label, I think it’s comparable to captain jacks. Should say spinosad on the back.

Yes you can.

Thanks guys, thats a real help!

Plan to wash your buds in diluted hydrogen peroxide when you harvest.

Ok! Im sure glad you’re here!

Why the hydo perox bath? And what solution? BTW. spent yesterday clearing plants of all sites of worms and pulling apart buds and stems. Then dried and tried debris and was thrilled that the small buds were potent.

I used to have that problem until I was introduced to the captain Jack’s deadbug Brew and for some reason those damn worms, scuse me not worms there caterpillars, but they love to go right underneath of the top of the butt and it just ruins the whole tip of the bud use that Captain Jack’s cuz if you got one you got several

Post pictures.
A bit of chilling can cause some purple to show. As temperature increases it will go away.

Bud light. What did you mean about the hydro wash ? Why? And wat solution?

@Budlite… I keep hearing several people talking about a bud wash, please can you give more detail on it…
I use mouthwash mix to kill powdery mildew…works great!!! but I’m wondering if you do a bud wash what happens to the trichomes? do they stay? are they washed away? If they are washed away can you save them for later consumption or hash? Is a bud wash done because whatever the problem was wasn’t addressed during growing?

Google Jorge Cervantes bud wash. Or use the search engine here the video was posted not too long ago :wink:

@Eagles009 yeah I watched that but not the whole thing purely for the fact that I have a 10 year old autistic son. He’s high-functioning but man when he has a breakdown it’s massive …I was still kind of wondering about the trichomes and everything but LOL LOL if and when he ever sleeps or gets in evolved with it Beyblades I’ll have to check it out again


Bud wash in peroxide is described in several posted threads. Hydrogen peroxide does not hurt the tricombs or resin. I usually use one bottle of peroxide (8-16 ounces) to 5 gallons of water. Dead bugs float out of the buds, and the wash water turns brown with stuff you don’t want to smoke.

Here’s one of my threads:


Safer brand caterpillar killer. BT. Yes spray it it’ll fix it