Slow to flower? In VERMONT

Hey everyone…I’m living in vt mid state…I wondered if anyone else is experienced slow flower growth this year?

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Yes, I do. Really slow with my Super skunks. I will need 6 more weeks or so. I will have to build a structure over them to protect from the weather, and maybe figure out some heat. They are about 9 feet tall plants.
What varieties do you grow?

Sour kush,Acapulco gold and Malawi Panama…just harvested my kush

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I’ve got a couple that are a bit lagging, but the rest seem to be up to snuff.
The upcoming cold weather will not help speed things up.
Not much you can do.

I’m in central Vt. as well.

A photo?

Central VT and harvesting already? A lot of Kush varieties will finish in 8-9 weeks but damn how early did your crop start flowering?

I’m in Lamoille co and All of my crop started flowering between the 16th and 21st of Aug. except one freakshow that started at the end of July. All of my plants are gonna need thru mid October and the strawberry cough is gonna need to come in for probably two weeks to finish once it gets too cold.

Just for reference I’m growing MK ultra, Strawb. Cough, and Gold Leaf. The GL is a proven winner in my garden and in the past it finished up around the end of October. The MK has a similar flowering time and even though it’s my first time with this gear it seems like it’s either gonna be a week or two ahead of the GL at the most or finish up right at the same time and just yield more. The Strawberry has a lot of Sativa in her so I never expected it to finish in time. The plan has always been to bring them inside when the weather turns.

I’ve grown Kush varieties here in years past and while they generally do well in our climate and Are fairly resistant to bud rot (one of the #1 traits I select for) mine have always needed til mid October for the trichs to be ripe and ready. Don’t rush ! You stand to gain so much weight and resin the last 2 weeks of flowering as you watch those bracts blow up like balloons.

I’m really big on making sure plants finish - like sex, you both gotta finish lmao! I typically don’t like to grow strains outdoors that have a longer than 9 week flower time because I know they won’t finish outdoors on their own. I broke my own rule this summer because the wife really wanted that strawberry cough (she’s a sativa girl) but sorry wifey that’s not gonna finish unless daddy buys a 1kw DE HPS to finish em indoors :smiling_imp:

…so yeah I got a new lamp out of the deal.


It’s always to please the SO. You always want to make them happy even if you also get a little pleasure out of it. :rofl:

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That’s the benefit of growing in the pots, you can always move them. Mine are in the ground. I am hoping for the warm October, we have the way to go yet with my sativas.

#1 benefit if you ask me. I’m all about organics and I’d always rather do it in the earth than any other way. I just dig the mobility of bags.

Spoken like a pro @Kevfrmthestl :joy:

Growin the dank always pays off especially when she’s like hey that good weed is making me horny - yeah no doubt that why I grew that strain called Quivering Mons :drooling_face:

Oh jeezum I went and got high and hijackd a thread