Slow growing LSD seeds

Hi there experts!

One of our customers purchased the LSD strain, about 2 months ago. They were slow to germinate in water, 3-6 days. Now, after almost 6 weeks from the time they emerged from the soil, they are dwarfed and sickly looking.

They are in a south facing window. He has grown lots of marijuana in the past, always with good results.

Strain: LSD
Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoors, intended to only start in sunny window, then move to artificial light (LED)
Medium: Soil (seedling mix with pearlite)
pH: unknown
Nutrients: Light, single application of 24-14-11 veggie mix by Cultivation Nation.
Light: Natural (to start). Because of dwarf growing response, never put them under artificial light.
Temperature: 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Relative humidity: 35-45%
Ventilation: open room
AC: none. Summer is over.
Humidifier, dehumidifier, and CO2: none

I hope someone is able to help him out and give him some solid advice!

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They look super wet I’m thinking they’re over watered


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Seedlings don’t need nutrients. Not sure what soil you are using, but most commercially available soils have sufficient nutes for 4 to 6 weeks of growth. Those are still babies and don’t need nutes. Your seedlings look nute burned, which will stunt their growth. What soil are you using?

A window isn’t enough light even for seedlings unless they get several hours of direct sun each day. Even then, a window will filter out some of the necessary spectrum.

Agree with the overwatering comment. Seedlings need only a few ml of water a day.


My opinion as well, drowning :love_you_gesture:


With information provided I would say no need for nutes on seedlings as the soil should provide whats needed for the early stages of growth (3 to 6 weeks), but soil info wasn’t provided and not enough light. By visual looks the plants look like they are drowning in water. Also imo the RH is extremely low for seedlings. Direct them to a proper VPD chart.

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U have better pics

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