Slight Panic! 3 weeks into Flower. GG4 Auto

is this Late stage Calcium deficiency? I was told not to use CalMag if using tapwater…

I would recommend using calcium at this point. If you use jacks nutrients the calcium is added in the recipe through part B, so it’s unnecessary to add it separately.

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I’m not using Nutrients. I was under the impression you didn’t need to add them
when using “Super Soil”. But I will add Calmag tonight.

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I don’t think it’s going to make it.
The leaves are brittle and the symptoms are worsening.
It rained yesterday pretty bad. So it got a good flush. I fed her a little today but I’m being cautious as to not overwater either. It’s going to be mid 80s for the rest of the week, Hoping the medium will dry out.

No soil is going to sustain a plant through flowering without added nutrients. Cal/mag is necessary, particularly once in flowering.

The best way to ensure a plant has sufficient nutes is to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.


Well then I was led astray by some organic growers who said that you don’t need to add nutrients to organic super soil mixes. But just feed the micro organisms in the soil with Cal Mag and Molasses. Supplement with compost teas.

Hey @kwall429
In some cases that is true. It takes a well made soil to grow a plant start to finish with water only. I have seen it done by some here so I know its possible.
But I think there are many sellers now who have hijacked the “Super Soil” idea to market plain soils. This whole market is flooded with wild promises and inflated claims. Just look at the grow light market. So now its happening in lots of other areas for cannabis growers.

Unfortunately the “just add water” folks like mentioned above have been sort of misleading people. Im a beginner but I’ve don’t a F ton of research and just today Brandon Rust was on a podcast talking about this exact thing. Sure some plants can make it to harvest with just water but only in exact circumstances. Did they do it in a 1 gallon pot, 3 gallon, 5 etc. Was the plant 1 foot tall or 5 foot, how long was the grow etc etc. There are too many variables from grow to grow to tell people you can grow just adding water and that’s it. That’s my 0.02 and kind of what I got from listening to people way smarter than me speak on it.

( Similar to me saying sure I can go across country on one tank of gas but that doesn’t mean your car can do that because they are different models, different specs etc etc)

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Excellent point

So my auto has been flowering for 8 weeks at this point it still
hasn’t finished. Trichomes are still clear. Should I just harvest? Temps are in the low 60s.

Heck no… Keep feeding and watering and if need be let her go to first frost. And if she gets a heavy dew in the morning shake her off. Go through all of that just to harvest clear sugar, not me.

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you should expect a few more weeks, mine typically flower for 9 1/2-11 weeks