Skippy's first grow, Banana Kush, WonderDawg, White Tahoe Cookies, Black Jack in coco with Jacks321

So I am learning this photography-internet-smart phone-computer-growing thing all at the same time.

These broke ground on June 15 and are 23 days old now. I am also mostly testing to see if I can make this journal thing happen since it would seem to be the best way to get some help, if and of course when it is needed. The 3 across the back are ILGM Banana Kush as is the 1 on the right in the second row. The 1 on the left of the second row is from a seed out of a bag of weed labeled White Tahoe Cookies. On the left of the front row is 1 from a bag of weed labeled Wonder Dawg, and to the right is from a bag of weed labeled Black Jack. All have been topped now above the 5th node and are growing in Canna Coco. They have been fed nothing but Jacks 321, no silica, no recharge, with water ph’d to 5.8. Sprayed with neem oil once, and some mosquito bits sprinkled on top of the coco. I am going to attempt to post this and see if I am doing this whole journal thing correctly. I will post more if I am doing this right. If this is posted in the wrong place, hopefully the Moderators will move it to the right place.


@skippyisnohippy nice! Looks like fantastic growth for 23 days.


Thanks! I am surprised at how well they are doing. I am even more surprised that I managed to get this posted! I really didn’t think my photo would come out ok. I do intend to copy what I did already into this journal and to continue with it going forward, thanks for commenting.


I am a newbe and would love to follow along. :blush:

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On June 12 I expanded a 1/2 brick of coco with full strength Jacks and put 4 BK seeds into some clear disposable cups filled with moist coco along with 4 bag seeds that I didn’t think were viable. Covered seeds with 1/4 inch coco and one shot glass of Jacks. Placed cups into a cardboard box with holes cut in it to block light from roots. Hung my Bloom Plus BP-2500 40 inches above cups at lowest setting which was 118 watts. Temps stayed between 74 and 79 degrees with Relative humidity between 52% and 60%. No fans or vent fan on. 7 seeds sprouted on the 15th and I gave each cup 1 shot glass of Jacks. Sprinkled some mosquito bits on the coco.


By the 17th I gave up on #8 sprouting, turned on vent fan and lowered light to 34 inches. Fed 1 shot of Jacks every day after sprouting, believing it unnecessary and possibly harmful, but I never used coco before and wanted to test it out. On the 18th I noticed fuzziness on the mosquito bits and sprayed with diluted H2O2 on the coco. Lowered light to 30 inches to stop stretching. Turned on oscillating fan barely blowing tops of plants.

On the 19th noticed second sets of true leaves becoming visible and switched light to 6 hours of light to 2 hours of dark, this is day 4. I propped one leggy seedling up with pipe cleaner. Turned light up to 160 watts, and on 20th to 195 watts trying to slow stretching. Roots just becoming visible at bottom of cups. Mixed more Jacks full strength, ph5.8 and EC of 2.01 and fed 4 oz to each getting runoff now. Temp 78 and 51%rh at top of leaves. On 21st I noted that I probably have the light turned up too high and have been feeding too much. Left light where it was, and did not feed for first time. On 22nd fed 4 oz and got 40% runoff. 79 degrees and 52% RH. Seedlings look great to me. 23rd fed 4 oz and got 50% runoff. 24th mixed more Jacks and hydrated more coco and decided to quit trying to drown them and left them alone.

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On the 25th I was going to feed 4 oz and got no runoff, so I gave each 4 more oz and got- 4 oz runoff. Placed hygrometer among plants and noticed it read 2 or 3 degrees higher than my ac infinity display. The 26th I noted all 3 bag seeds were almost 1 node ahead of the BK’s and fed them nothing. On the 27th transplanted 1 BK into a 2 gallon pot and fed 24 oz with no runoff. The other 6 went into 1 gallon pots and fed 16 oz with no runoff. Placed light 32 inches above plants. On the 28th I fed each 32 oz and got 35% runoff. Noticed something flying in tent and sprayed all plants with neem as soon as lights went out. On the 29th I noted it was 2 weeks and I ignored them as hard as I could.

On the 30th mixed up more Jacks, ph 5.85 and EC 2.03. Gave all 6 1 gallon pots 12 oz and got 20% runoff on 4 of them, BK#1 and Black Jack had no runoff. The BK in the 2 gallon pot got 20 oz with 20% runoff. On the 1st of July (Happy Canada Day!) I ignored them as hard as I could.

July 2 topped Black Jack above 5th node and fed 24 oz and got 4 oz runoff. I topped White Tahoe Cookies above 5th node and fed 24 oz and got 6 oz runoff. Topped BK#1 above 5th node, fed 24 oz and got 4 oz runoff. Exactly the same for Wonder Dawg. BK #2 and #3 fed 24 oz got 8 oz runoff each. BK#4 in the 2 gallon pot got fed 36 oz with 16 oz runoff.

July 3 I turned on an HLG 260xl rspec to about 90 watts and lowered the BP-2500 to the low setting of 118 watts. I noticed 2 or 3 yellow spots on 2 different leaves and believe that was from my beat up, broke down, old fat ass sweat dripping off my old bald head.

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July 4 fed everything to runoff, 78 degrees with 62% RH.

Second photo is looking down on the Black Jack.


July 5 fed 24 oz to the small pots and 36 oz to the big one, all to runoff. July 6 is now 3 weeks and put together a second HLG 260xl rspec and installed into my 4x4 tent leaving the BP 2500 in the middle at 118 watts with each rspec on the sides at about 60-90 watts each and 30 inches above canopy. Installed carbon filter onto my ac infinity vent fan and still need to run a duct out the window. Fed the 6 small pots with 24 oz to runoff-did not feed the 2 gallon. 77 degrees and 59% RH.

July 7 fed BK4 in the 2 gallon pot 48 oz with 33% runoff(16 oz). The other 6 in the 1 gallon pots got 24 oz with runoffs between 20% and 40%. Now we are caught up with the actual timeline.

July 8, if anyone wonders, I am in an A/C infinity 4x4 tent with matching 6 inch fan with carbon filter. Growing in Canna Coco using Jacks 321. I have an EC meter and a ph meter. Tent is in my bedroom which is heated and cooled with a mini split heat pump that kicks ass. Lights are 2 HLG 260xl rspecs alongside a Bloom Plus BP2500 that will probably come out of the tent to use for clones or veg or seed starting in future, it seemed to do fine for that so far. I left the BP light in the tent to let the plants adjust to the better lights, and may leave it in there if it seems like 750 watts are needed in the tent. @Flitme if you wanna follow this mess with me you are most welcome, though I would not advise imitating my actions as I am clearly trying to kill these plants-hopefully not till October though.


I truly do want to follow. :blush: I’m hear you learn everything!! :blush::hugs:

Welcome! July 8 23 days in. The remaining Jacks ph at 5.89 left it there and gave the BK4 in the big pot 36 oz runoff 14 oz. BKs 1,2,and 3 got 24 oz and runoff was 2, 4, and 6 oz in that order. The Tahoe cookies got 24 oz and runofff of 4 oz. Wonder Dawg got 24 oz, runoff of 3 oz. Black Jack got 24 oz and runoff was just a couple of drops.

Now I truly did not expect any of those bag seeds to hatch, but 3 out of 4 of them appear to be the strongest plants. I had thought to pass a couple off to a friend, but there they are in my tent. If none are judged to be males, I will need to either set one or more free outside where they can be free from my manipulations, kill one or two, or intentionally try to restrain them from rampant growth. If I thought I could take care of them outside, there would be a few hundred dollars still in my pocket but the truth is-I can’t take the heat. My gardening days are behind me with humidity where it is around here. These are some pics today of the Black Jack which is way ahead of the others in growth, I don’t know if it is just because it is a Sativa or a male plant. It really wants to get huge, fast.

Maybe I should ask some experts what they think? @ashhhh ,or @AfgVet, or @imSICKkid . Think these 7 plants could live in a 4x4 with a novice trying to slowly kill them? If they stayed in 2 gallon plastic pots maybe? The 3 gallon fabric bags I had imported from amazonia seem smaller than my 2 gallon hard pots. That is supposedly a 1 gallon pot this plant is in. Any mentoring or passing on of knowledge would be appreciated, but make no mistake-I will kill these plants. I just want to take a few months to do it.


I just did 9 one gallon pots in a 3x3. Keep the pots small and grow the all!

And not seeing anything to indicate it’s sex yet. Keep looking and sharing pics.


Thanks for the response, I think that one plant could take half the tent if I let it!

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