Single Bucket DWC Mods

What’s up everyone! Well this is my first Hydro setup and I got it as just a 5 gallon bucket, air pump, hose, air stone, and a net pot lid. I was browsing around and I found the High Times Article on DWC and there plans to build a reservoir for there single bucket system.
Now it’s not a Recirculating system or anything just gravity I think lol. What I did was took there amazing idea and improved it a little. There system had no way to move the reservoir bucket without emptieng (hope that’s spelled correctly) both buckets, and if you were to drain the reservoir bucket you would drain the Plant Bucket so I came up with a great solution, I haven’t seen it on here and if it is I sincerely apologise, I’m not trying to steal anyone idea so here we go.
Parts List:

  • 2x 1" drain pan plug kit(slip fit for 1" pipe to go in)
  • 2x 1" Ball valve ( slip fit)
  • 1x 1" PVC Union (Slip Fit)
  • 1" pvc (whatever length you need, atleast 18"
    1- On Both Buckets, make a mark approx 2.5 to 3 inches up from bottom of bucket. HAS TO BE SAME HEIGHT FROM BOTTOM ON BOTH BUCKETS
    2- On the mark that was made on the buckets, Drill a hole just big enough to thread the male end of the drain pan drain (be sure gasket is on the Inside of bucket, between But and Bucket) and tighten the nut sandwiching the gasket between the bucket and lock nut.
    4- Cut the piece of 1 inch PVC pipe in half.
    5- Separate the 1" Union and Glue 1 Piece to one side of the union, and the other piece of pipe to other piece of union.
    6- Insert end of 1inch PVC into the Fitting on the side of bucket( be sure you have the union nut on pipe before you glue it to bucket). Do the same on other bucket.
    7- install ball valve at end of pipe by union, leaving about a inch between end of ball valve and union. You will have to cut the union off of pipe leaving about 1½ inches of pipe sticking out of union piece for you to glue into one end of the ball valve. Repeat on other bucket also.
    8- Cut about 3" off of the remaining pipe sticking out of the bucket and glue the ball valve onto the PVC pipe. Make sure handle is up so you can turn it without any interference. Repeat this step on other bucket.
    9- put caulk or glue around fittings where there meet the bucket on the outside as a safety precaution.
    Message me if you have any questions or need help.