Single autopot with soil

I haven’t read of anybody using auto pots with soil. Will the plants still bottom feed in soil? I’m only planning on growing one plant at a time so the reservoir can be mixed with whatever feed the plant would need. Planning on making the move to coco but I’ve got a lot of FF liquid trio nutrients left and feel they would work better in soil

I know nothing about autopots, but bottom feeding a soil grow isn’t a good idea. Cannabis in soil needs wet/dry cycles to maintain root health. It’s probably why you are unable to find info about autopots and soil.

AutoPot says soil will work with at least 50% perlite. Make sure the bottom inch or two of the pot is 100% perlite or other spacer product.

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If you go with coco you will be just fine using any nutrient line.
I know the direction say you can use a 50/50 mix of any medium but IMO coco would be a better choice being that they are also watered 24/7, and easy to fix a nutrient deficiency if one should arise.

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