Simple pH question

I have started adjusting my pH of the water when I add the nutes. Original water is 6.5. After flowering nutes it is 4.6 +/- .1.

I have read to check the run-off so you know the pH at the root zone. I am trying a new soil for the next grow. Can I run water through the soil before I plant it and see the pH? Am I over thinking?


It is called a slurry test and is simple there are thousands of videos everywhere. No you are not overthinking it, ya gotta know!


You want to ph the water with nutrients included to 6.5. If you are watering with nutes at 4.6 you will get a nute lock out pretty quick. Run off should be close to what you put in. Sometimes as nutes are used it can have salt build ups which can mess with the runoff ph. A flush is in order to help fix that problem.
Like I said before your runoff ph should be close to the ph you are putting in.


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Thanks I am now putting 6.5 in with the nutes. I have not checked runoff yet since I have gotten the pH up. I will check soon.

@Holmes Going to look up slurry test and try one this weekend.

@Holmes @WickedAle I did the slurry test according to the Hanna video. 1 part soil 2 parts distilled water. Stirred well and set for 15mins. pH read 6.3.

So if I added add 6.5pH water I should be ok. If I up the pH water to 6.7pH I would be better?

Thanks RAP

6.3 is in the range of 6-7. You want 6.5 to be perfect but no need.

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6.3 to 6.8 is a good soil range so 6.5 is perfect @RAP . @ 6.3 and you add 6.7 should be good to go! Welcome to the ILGM forum your going to like it here!