Silent extractor fan

I’m in need of help I need an extractor fan I have a 4inch carbon filter but I need a super silent fan in watched countless reviews and read so much but I thought I’d see what people were using stealth is a must I have a small grow only 2 plants in a small tent 1.2x1.2

I had the 6" for about 1 week, seems good


@boardsbird has you covered I have a 6” and a 4” they are practically silent and adjustable from almost zero to moving lots of cfm. I now a couple of cheap fans as paper weights.


I was looking at this one or the next one up from the one you suggested

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Or this one witchnis the up grade to the one you suggested


Go with the Ac infinity fam @Watters super quite and you have great control I run mine in smart mode so it ramps up and down with temp but always has a constant draw dc motor so it’s almost silent
You can hear the air coming out of duct work when it’s on high I have the 6 inch which moves a ton of air :+1:


Cheers the advice is always appreciated I’m going with your approval :wink::facepunch:t2: