Sick seedlings 3/4" tall

I checked the downloaded bible and didn’t find the answers to my questions. My 4 little 3/4" plants are sick, I have a PH analyzer. What should it read? I have some Miracid Acid-loving plant food to mix into the soil but not sure how much to put on, don’t want to kill them. I only have about 1 1/2 cup soil in each little pot.
Instructions on Miracle-Gro box says 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. I’m needing maybe a cup of water total for these 4 little pots.
I just remembered, I purchased a General Hydroponics PH Control Kit. Just opened it and quite confused how it works. It says to fill test vial halfway with nutrient solution. Add 3-5 drops of ph test indicator and tap vial. compare color.??? I thought this was to put acid in the soil, anyone know what this does?

If they are seedling you shouldn’t be giving them any kind of nutrients, what is wrong with them? Can you fill out a support ticket and possibly post some pictures?

I took out my eye glass and found the problem, infested with bugs! I wintered over some sweet potato vines that were tossed a couple of weeks ago because it got buggy. Do you think I can save these?

They are all pale green, not bright at all.

@Hawkeye_diesel I have a new bottle of concentrated
Green Cleaner.

I’ve never dealt with bugs, knock on wood, but maybe Majiktoker or garrigan62 could help with that

@Majiktoker…Do you have a answer to above question. I just looked again and only see mites on two of the tiny seedlings, but all have purple tips.

Maybe food grade Diatomaceous Earth or need oil. I’m not sure because of how small the plants are
What kind of mites or bugs?
@Majiktoker, @Matthew420, @garrigan62, @kabongster, @BIGE, @bob31

3/4" high, these haven’t grown much since they popped up. Black specks on two of the plants. I just doused them with green cleaner, will try to take some close-up pictures and be back.

If you fed them as seedlings Thats their problem they look burned in my opinion


I didn’t feed them anything, just put them in dirt. I have pictures, also took a PH sample and see soil is really low in acid. Have stuff to put in but not sure how much. Maybe I had them too close to lights? Need advice.

Thay ph meter isn’t very reliable. Also the stem is pretry purple, how often are you giving them water? You want the soil to be moist not too wet and not too dry, kind of a happy medium between them

I have a water meter tester, it goes from 0.0 up to 0.9. When it get down to about 0.5 I water them til water runs out and mist the top whenever they feel dry. What does it mean if stems are purple, too much water?

They are really young they don’t need that much water, you should be watering very little. Like I said you want the soil to remain moist, not dry and not overly wet.

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how close to the light should they be? I have Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Full Spectrum Hydroponics 12W LED Grow Light Bulb Lamp -

I’m not sure about the light as I don’t have experience with led’s. I’m using my first one and I have a 150w full spec ufo style in my stealth grow box

was the soil used previously?

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Lights should Atleast be 12-16" above

@Majiktoker These are only 12W, they should still be 12-16" away?

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Yes, I think I took the soil out of a new bag. I planted so many seeds that day I can’t really remember. I had many vegetables seeds to plant too. Maybe I should replant them in new soil?

@Bobbi what did you use for soil?

Also consider something like these when you can afford them (or better)

ph and tds meters