Should I upgrade? Recommendations?

Howdy everyone,

I’m a low-budget, low-skill farmer. I have the most basic set-up:

  • 400W HPS light
  • FoxFarm Ocean Forest Soil
  • ILGM autoflower seeds
  • Small 3x2 (3x3) area in the basement

I was thinking of “upgrading” a little bit. First, I thought of purchasing an LED light, but after getting some advice and seeing prices for something quality, I’m now wondering about just getting a better HPS.

Do you think going from 400W to 600W or 1000W HPS would make much of a difference in my grow? (Do I need a 1000W in a 3x3 space or would 600W be enough?)

If yes, does anyone have a recommendation for a good HPS, preferably something available on Amazon?

I saw a nice Vivosun 1000W set-up, but one of the recent reviews said that it caught on fire unexpectedly!

I also thought I’d buy some reflective Mylar, since I don’t have and can’t afford a tent.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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600 would be plenty get it where u can do mh and hps for both phases. Get a 6 inch air cooled hood and hook a good exhaust fan to it to keep things cool in that area.

The HLG 260 Model W Rspec will fit and fill your growing area with plant light.
The money saved in 6 months on electricity alone will cover the cost of the new light.

If you’re a small grow stay with MH hps or if upgrade to a double end or cmh
600w air cool hood vivosun lights work great and are cheap 150
LEDs are good if you DIY or get a real one but add a calcium supplement and then heat in the winter and not as big and tight rock buds either but to each their own
The more you learn about farm fertilizers the better so you can save money and get better results a 500 d mylar for your material or panda film