Should I start using the yellow fertilizer

I moved my ladies outside I will show a picture what I want to know is if I should start using the yellow fertilizer

Can you be more specific.

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I think she means pee = nitrogen!!!

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I didn’t know that LOL. Ain’t learning fun.

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And phosphorus and potassium… I was gonna use symbols but I know I get it wrong and Jewels would correct me… lol

Don’t feel bad nicky and covertgrower correct me regularly. See I didn’t use @ before their names. They stay on top of me.

Bro… Both of them can correct me anytime they want. That’s a lot of knowledge between the 2… Covert has a little bit more useless knowledge but none the less… LoL

They’ve both helped me a lot. When I first got on site looking for help they stepped up several times.

Not sure but I do recall when I was drinking I would smoke outside because my wife has asthma. So if I had to piss I would just piss in the rose bush. Unfortunately the rose bush didn’t make I sure it’s probably at least I told her that

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You know weed is good for asthma right. I have bad asthma and it definitely helps relax the trachea and prevent attacks if I’m gonna go do something active. Not that I need that as an excuse… LoL
Anywho sorry we spam’d your thread a little bit but welcome to the forum man… what ya growing

I don’t pee on roses but the Bulldogs do and they get yelled at.

Yes I meant cigarettes. I should have been specific.