Should I prune yet?


this is my first ever growing experience.

please see the attached photo and let me know if I should prune at this point?

Thanks !!


I would at least cut the bottom leafs touching the dirt because that makes it easier for pest and mold to spread. I dont usually top or train till the the 6th node


Good Morning :blush::v:I wouldn’t do any trimming yet. How old is your plant. Do you have plans for topping, mainlining or LST)
Happy Growing :blush::v:


Welcome to the community ! Nice plant The single leaf touching the soil , I think I would snip it And let it ride for now. also nodes are close might raise light a little. Good luck :v:


Let her grow for a while before pruning

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not really sure what I’m doing, just learning at this point.

My initial thought was to start a bunch of plants in the house, then plant outdoors in the spring (after the last frost)

I’m in upstate NY.

im open for suggestions.

btw, what is LST?



LST is Low stress training. It helps to spread your plants out and keep your canopy level.

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One different question. when planting a seedling, I know to bury the tap root, but what about the seed part?

should it be totally under the soil or should it be visible on the top of the soil?

I’ve been burying the entire seedling under the soil. just wondering if I’m doing it correctly?

thanks !

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You’re good , @mikea103 totally under soil about 1 inch.


Welcome @mikea103, fellow (Western) NY’er here! Bills fan?

Looks like you topped already? That’s about the point where I like as well, 3rd or 4th node. I like to leave only the two mains and the next set of branches down. Trying to develop more than that is too time consuming in my opinion.

But pruning and training is a bit of an art form. There’s no “wrong” art, unless it didn’t achieve the artist’s goals; and at that point, it’s just a matter of practice.

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Thanks @CurrDogg420

Bills Mafia.

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