LST it time?

Is it too early to bend this little one over and start the LST process? Or should I wait until she’s a little bigger?

This will be my first go at it and I don’t want to harm the plant lol.

what is LST?

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I would wait till its bigger to start LST. But I have seen many growers start it this early.

@danfurlong LST = Low stress training


Wait a bit

With it being so stocky and compact, I would top it. Topping the plant will send its energy into the side branches. Once the side branches come up you can start LST’ing those to the sides.


Agree that it is nearly a good candidate for topping. Bending over a short, bushy plant can be risky, and ultimately those bottom leaves are going to come off at some point anyways. She is at the point where they usually begin growing very rapidly and she really doesn’t need any help.



Never topped before…where would I cut it? Anyway you can mark on the pic?


I cut mine just after the fourth established node.


I have two plants, the second plant has one more set of leaves than the pictured one.

What is the risk associated with LST a bushy plant? And did I cause the shirt growth due to my lights being too close?

The plants are gold leaf and super silver Haze…



I start lst as soon as I can get a wire around the plant with plants like autos that I don’t plan on topping . If I am running clones for a fast turnaround I let my plants get about 6 nodes then top. I then lst the 2 new tops down until the side branches catch up meanwhile I train those branches out so that there is equal space between each branch

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I’ll have to give it a shot. I think I will start this go round with just LST. Maybe next grow I’ll top?


In my attached picture, would I be good to cut at either white line when it comes to topping? Obviously I’m cutting just the main stem and not the offshoots.

And I assume I just cut it and let her grow and she will do her own thing?


Yep. You are right on the money with both questions.
Also, just a tip. I have no scientific evidence other than personal experience, but I have found it best to top right when the lights come on and do a feeding at the same time. My plants are always fully recovered with noticeable growth in 24 hours, and typically 1.5-2 inches of growth after 48 hours.



Perfect. I will wait and do it with a feed/water day. They are in FFHF and still have their cotyledons, so I have been just watering them.

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Yep, i agree, i feed after any stressful act, transplant, topping…like yourself I have no science to back it up but it seems to offset the negative a bit

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Thanks guys. I just LST one of the plants. I know the point is to make room for more main colas, so do I just keep tying fan leaves and everything back until flower?

The idea of lst is to break the vertical dominance of your plant so that it puts more effort into growing the side branches instead of just getting taller similar to topping without cutting the top


That makes sense. The point is to pull everything level so it forms multiple straight up stalks instead just the main kne correct?

So once the multiple stalks start to grow straight is there any reason to keep pulling them to the side?

Sorry if that a stupid question…

@dmykins it’s not a stupid question at all . One example of reasons for continuing lst on branches is to give each branch ample space to bud. scrog is a form of lst which gives each top even spacing. Buds tend to get a bit bigger if they have a few inches between each other also the space allows for increased circulation which decreases the chance of bud rot