Should I prune these?

This is going on at the top

This is happening down below. Bugs have been an issue all summer. Should I clip these 2 leaves?

You don’t have much of a plant to prune. Absolutely leave her as she is. :+1:

I also don’t overly worry about fan leaves. Only worry if all the leaves look like that.

Lastly the soil looks dry.


Its not very bushy so the only thing I would remove is those lower sucker branches that will never fully develop and be fluffy. Plus that more energy for the larger buds above.

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Ok guys, thank you for the answers. I’ll leave them be. There is so much information about growing these days, I get a bit overwhelmed sometimes. I have several grow books, and there’s YouTube and other internet sites. All great sources of information, but everyone has a different answer. So thank you guys.

I was letting them dry out a bit. We had a massive storm come through Wednesday night. It was around 1 am and my wife woke me up with a Whispered “the plants…” I thought she was dreaming until a massive thunder crack shook the house.

I ran outside with nothing but a flashlight. I only have six plants, but the thought of losing anything is daunting. Three of them were knocked over, all off them waterlogged. After getting them safely to the garage, and inspecting for damage, all was well. I’m about to head out and position them to greet the morning sun. I will definitely give them something to drink too. :+1:t3::pray:t3:

This is what you want to remove

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Ok. All of my plants have growth there like that, some even have little flowers starting to happen. I should remove all of the little stuff down below? It makes sense. I want to direct all of the plants resources for the top. :deciduous_tree: