Should I defoliate at 4 weeks

The larger plant is 4 weeks old today. The other is 5 days younger. I have already topped both and removed some fan leaves from the base. They seem really bushy and are growing like crazy. Not sure if I should defoliate some at this point or just let them go.


They are grandaddy purple


Autos or photo period? Do you have an oscillating fan circulating the inside air? You could raise your light and intensity to promote some vertical growth, some are genetically predetermined to be short and bushy though :love_you_gesture:. I defoliate both right before flower, 3 and 6 weeks in flower.


Photo. I have a 4 inch exhaust fan and carbon filter. 4 small clip on fans and a 4 inch intake fan that I run on low during the light cycle and off during dark cycle. Also have a timer on exhaust fan so it runs 15 minutes per hour at night. The light is about 14in above canopy on 80%. I have two sf1000 100wattt leds daisy chained.


I would suggest the circulating and exhausts fans to run continuously to circulate and exchange the stale air. You could possibly raise your lights to 20” to promote some vertical growth, are you using a light meter :love_you_gesture:


Plants look healthy, you can clean up around the bottom of the plant a little anything touching the soil will make it easier to water or feed.
Happy growing


No light meter yet. This is my first grow ever and learning as i go. Took me 4 tries to find a ph meter that calibrated properly and got consistent readings. I will raise the lights to 20" and see how that works.


Also I started with the spider farmer 2x2 tent kit that came with an sf1000 100 watt led light. I ended up buying a second sf1000 so i would have better light coverage. Now I’m thinking about going with a bigger tent and maybe a mars hydro 300 watt light. Not sure if these 100 watt lights are sufficient


I installed a window ac in the room with tent and leave the tent open during light cycle. Ambient temp stays around 75 and about 78- 80 at the soil. Drops to about 72 when the lights are out. Doing 18/6


The Photone app is free. It measure ppfd and calculates DLI. It takes all the guesswork out of dialing in your lights. I highly recommend it.

I usually go pretty heavy on defoliation, but decided not to this grow. I’ve only taken a few rough looking leaves off and currently have the best look plants I’ve ever had this far into a grow. Day 21 of flower is this weekend and I’ll be doing some defol for sure.


I cear any leaves that block bud sites at this piont. Also anything from the bottom that could touch soil or gets it the way of me feeding them.


I agree raise the light some let them reach a bit but keep in mind plants double in size when the stretch in flower. . Plants look good though


@Blackdog64 I like the suggestions made above to raise the light a little, to promote a stretch.

Personally, I defoliate fairly aggressively at two points during veg. I usually veg for 42 days (from seed germination) and I defoliate heavily at day 21 and 35 (Not all plants will be ready at day 21 tho). At day 42 I flip to flower, after they’ve had a good week to recover from my last major defoliation. I then do my last fairly heavy defoliation at day 21 of flower. I don’t really touch them again after that (Maybe I’ll remove an occasional leaf that is blocking a bud site that I can’t tuck out of the way).

Good luck, they look happy!

@blackdog64 which meter did you get that’s working now?

Apera ph20 and apera ec60. They have a combo unit too

@Blackdog64 I had the same problem the first pH pen I bought was trash. My apera 20 came in the mail last night. I can’t wait!

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I’ve had mine about 6 weeks and I bought extra calibration solution. I’ve checked the calibration 4 or 5 times and it’s right every time.
I made the mistake of getting the ph of the water right then adding nutrients. Then i realized the nutrients were dropping the ph from around 7.5-8 to around 5.4.
So now I add the nutes and then add a little ph up.
I does not take much. I bought plastic syringes and add it a few drops at a time