Should I add nutes to this soil build?

Using Ultimate Organic Promix mixed 20% perlite…plants transplanted from small starter pot to 5 gallon bucket a week ago…when to add nutes and how do I know when…How much to add per gallon too…distilled water. Nutes on hand, CalMag, Armor SI, GH Trio (Micro, gro, bloom) and Hydroguard.

this version of promix…i think it has nutes in it but I’m not sure I’m a newbie

With any soil that comes with fertilizers you just have to monitor your ppms coming out of the pot. I use a hot soil as well and normally I just water and check runoff. I also use the GH flora series but I use the lucas formula(only micro and bloom).

On the GH feeding chart it shows the target ppms for whatever week your are in.

Once your soil has a runoff of around 1000 ppms or a little less then you just pick up wherever your at in your plants life.

For instance…I didn’t need to add any nutrients until I was 2 weeks into flower. Whenever I needed to add them I started with the transition phase of my feed schedule.

Long story short, watch your ppms. Once they get around 1000, thats the time to add nutrients. :call_me_hand: Happy growing!!

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I also just did a quick read on that soil and it has time released nutrients. Im not by any means a seasoned grower but I have heard tons of pwople say NOT to use a soil with time released nutrients. I personally would not get that soil. If your looking for a soil that feeds for awhile I would suggest fox farms ocean forest in the blue bags.

HMM YEA BUT TO LATE NOW TO CHANGE LOL . I seen others use it… seen it at the store so picked it up so I guess I’ll see how it goes

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