Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel

Hey Purp, I have tried to register but they can’t seem to tell me why it wont take my registration. Makes me wonder… :roll_eyes::thinking:

No telling man. Just be patient. I’m sure ur email n registration will process before u know it

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I got on their website and it wouldnt take my info to register or to purchase their plan. I have emailed them about it and for now all they said was that’s strange. Try another browser which I did and anotherr device and have yet to hear back from them.

Well on another note, we would like to introduce Lilly on the left and myyyy “Precious” on the right… hehehawhawhawww :joy::joy:

16 days from dropping seeds in water, the leaves were just a little over the edge of the Dixie cup so we transplanted into their 4 gal soft pot. Let the grow begin. :sunglasses: lights are still at 17.5” above the plant and lights at about half power. Any suggestion please feel free to comment. Thanks.


Sour Diesel is about a 12 week flower to amber trichomes. Good luck.


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Hey Pepe, that for the info. We’re excited to give it a try. :sunglasses:

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Good luck. I read 20 threads at a time on this side of ILGM and the Paid version, so if you need any help please tag me using @skgrower or I may not see your question for a couple of days. If you tag me, I will see you.


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Thanks @OldSkunk, I have tried to get in the lab but they can’t seem to get me in their. See post above with PurpNGold74 for explanation of communication with the lab. I’m sure in time I’ll get there. Thanks for the offer to help. :sunglasses:


We’ll be waiting. Its really a family on that side. You’ll see.

Rob (Pepe)

Hey i resent that! Its like a more realistic F’d up family over here. Alot more little cousins and the occasionally brutish brash uncle or three. Throw in a couple forgetful grandfathers and a few hot aunts. - o and id be remiss to forget our lovable great gmas around here :wink:(sorry @roseofsharon) … add it all up and :boom:


Thanks man. Well I got an email today with complimentary pass but no forum but I get a huge discount to get it. I’m going to try it this evening. I’ll get there sooner or later. :sunglasses:

Yes you will! And you’ll love it. Definitely has its validity and value.

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:point_up::point_up: what he said :grin:



Weekly update:
In the famous words of @raustin222 “Nothing to report… lol :joy::joy:
Raised the light up yesterday to 18" and went up on the power to about 3/4 strength.

Question: How many nodes before I fim? They have their 4th. set of 5 leaves coming out now.


You can do it now if you want to, but I would just take off two leaves; and allow that under growth to develop more first.


Awesome idea. Thanks man! :sunglasses:

SD loves to be pruned often. It’ll reward you for it in the end! :call_me_hand:t3:


Yeah I’ve been reading up on pruning on the other side. Thanks again for the info. :sunglasses:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wont the single leaves and the three leaf sets yellow and die off?

@Budbrother you’d be proud of me.

Along with the first set of single leaves and the set of three fingered leaves that were turning yellow.
25 days since dropping in water.
First feeding:
370 PPM in
5.8 PH in
Temp: 77F day / 68F night
RH: 51% day / 50% night.

First is Lily

Second is “” MY PRECIOUS “” :hot_face: :hot_face:

@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @GreenThunder what say you about the PPM’s and PH


@raustin @blackthumbbetty @Redeyedranger @PurpNGold74 @SilentHippie @Covertgrower
Sorry if I forgot anyone. :sunglasses:

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