Short outdoor growth, up root, then inside grow

Given a unidetified strain, planted out doors in the summer let’s say may. Sprouted then took weeks to gain height to start flowering. Temps began to drop so I brought inside and my child ripped it out the soil, replanted and now it’s taken on a weird growing pattern. Just trying to get any advice on what to do next. Using a 120w grow light and a led full spectrum light on 20hr cycle

When it was orig planted, right before it was pulled out of soil seemed to be going into flowering stage

It was pulled out of the soil for 12 hrs until I noticed it then replanted

It’s starting to grow again

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Not sure what one I’m lookin at, looks like there are 3 plants, Any plant going through that is going to be in stress, I"d monitor my temps (Room) well , check water PH, and watering schedule, If it was planted in May, its at least 5 months old !
Wayy past floweing and budding stage, that plant looks like day 23 or less, @garrigan62 should see this, see what he thinks. Good luck.

I re-organized the photos. All pics are of the same plant, how much bigger should I let it get before I put in flowering stage. The pics at the bottom are current state, any ideas on the strain?

Looks like a clone taken from a flowering plant

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It looks like shes happy for now, are you feeding nutes at this time? wonder what @ktreez420 would think about this.
You said you were given this plant, was it already a sprout? How big ?

Thats what I thought when I saw this pic

I grew it from a seed, the first few pics are of it growing from a seed, then it was pulled up by my daughter and sat out for about 12 hrs, I thought it was dead then decided to re-plant it, then it started sprouting new leaves from the same stem, and now it’s looking like its growing ok. Was just giving miracle grow to help it spring back, but now I’ll try and find something else to Keep it healthy. Any recommendations?

stay away from miracle grow , I"d get something like Fox Farms nutes available at Amazon, they have a three bottle system, keep it simple though, use half recommendations of whatever you get, there is so much out there, while waiting for your FF, just get some basic flora nutes. I’m a total newbie to this recommending thing.
Best bet would be to download the Grow Bible and also read the "Guides "section on top of this page, any questions you have can basically looked up by tapping on the little magnifying glass on top of this page also. Good luck.

I’ve only ever had a clone that grew to look like that. Never seen a plant grown from seed look like that! Pretty interesting though!

It looks like a pepper plant ? :seedling:

This is the current pic of it

Looking good now

I know you mentioned staying away from miracle grow, but did you mean just the supplement or did you mean anything miracle grow? I ask because from day 1 I’ve been using Black Cow and Miracle grow, and now I’m having a hard time getting rid of Eagle claw and also within the last week started using Fox farms nutrients. Ive flushed with Flora Kleen 1time a gallon or so. Any advice thanks

I mean Everything MG, that stuff isn’t “geared” torward cannabis and there is so much that is, check out Rainbow mix, Alaska fish fertilizer etc, I’ll send more info later

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Your going to be fine with that girl. I know I’m late getting here, but I wanted to let you know it was just a recovery mechanism for the plant.

If you stress them very hard, like what happened to that one, they shoot out leaves as quickly as possible to get the light they need. Easier to form a single bladed leaf than the multiple segments we love to see.

Think seedling. They don’t start with 5 or 7 segments. She’s looking fine.

These guys got you. Brother. Enjoy the ride…

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