Shite I screwed up

I just watched a video that stated a high pressure sodium light should not be used throughout the whole grow cycle as the plant will tend to stretch looking for more of the blue spectrum light. (Way to do my homework!). Can I supplement this with hanging some fluorescents around the inside of my tent, or do I need to replace all? Can anyone help me here?

You can buy an HPS lamp with enhanced BLUE spectrum for the veg period. Use it all the way through, or, use a RED lamp in flower.

This is a matter of choice.

Early stretching in the VEG stage when using a RED lamp is just that…Looking for some white light. However; I believe that this also cuts down on stretching when inducing flower stage by switching ti 12/12.

Many opinions abound.

Thanks Latewood for the help. This is keeping me up worrying about it. I’ll try that.