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Hi. I’ve been trying to search forums and websites to see how I can manage my EC. I can’t seem to understand when to feed and when to water. For example If I feed a plant with 1.8EC and runoff is 1.4EC, does it mean I’m underfeeding the plant? from my plant I found that when I feed it with 1.8EC, I get 1.4 EC runoff. Then if I feed again with same strength nutrients, my runoff goes up to like 1.6-1.7 EC. Do I just keep feeding the plant until runoff gets to like 300ppm more than what I’m putting in and then water it to remove some of the build up salts?

With my other plant, The last time I fed it, I gave it 1.4EC and runoff came back to 1.94EC. today I decided to water it because of the high runoff I had with last feed. Runoff from watering today came back at 1.15EC. So should I have watered it today or fed it again?

There is no way to map a relationship between input and output. What comes out is affected by what runs out the bottom, how much the plant is absorbing for nutrients, how much of the salts solidify and bond to the materials in the soil, and so on. Maintaining proper EC is something you learn over time and experience as a grower. All of us struggle with it. I no longer measure input EC, I just dose as much as I think I’ll need based on the runoff numbers from the prior feeding. Do you best to maintain a proper runoff EC and leave it at that.

That doesn’t really make sense. Feed and move on. Adding additional nutes in an attempt to keep raising EC won’t really work since once the soil is saturated, it won’t absorb additional nutes.

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Thanks your reply. What is considered a proper runoff EC?

Try to maintain a runoff EC of 2.0 (1,000 PPM.)

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