She’s been going 10 months how long before chop on this biscotti mintz

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Gotta wait for pictures to upload…



That’s some odd phenotype. Not sure what’s going on but at ten months it should be more than ready. Not having any details of your grow it’s hard to answer.


I’ve been in flower for about 4-5 months

At 4 or 5 months of flowering I’d chop.

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4-5 months of flower?!?! Have you scoped trichomes to see what they look like?

You have no white pistol and the amber ones have receded back into/onto the buds.

I haven’t scooped them but some of the bud look undeveloped a little but for the most part the top ones are thick and the middle to lower part is growing slowly

Did you see all the pics I’ve posted

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I did. I’m talking like this here…

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No i haven’t got a magnifying glass or loupe yet

Wow. That’s a long time. Get a loupe and check. Any sacs? What light ?. Fill this out to give more info.

At 10 months with 4-5 in flower you should be glued to the couch or chair or floor or…… lol


More like 5 veg an 5 flower

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What strain is that girl? I’ve read sativas can take longer than indicas but wow. Longest I’ve delt with was the heavy leaning sativa hybrid that took 10 weeks in flower.


Strongly recomend you get one.

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The biggest is Bruce banner ( clone) in the last picture biscotti mintz(clone)in the 1st and gelato.(bag seed)

When did you start counting flower?? From flip or first buttons?