First time 10 weeks

Newbie here with first attempt on grow with ilgm gg4 autoflower. Tomorrow will be week 10 and I don’t think these look close to harvest time. Looking for confirmation and advice from you guys. Thanks…


Definitely still has some time left.

Hi @RAVEN64 first off welcome to the neighborhood, I’m seeing a pretty healthy little plant maybe a little over fed but not to bad. I’m not sure on the exacts (if that’s a word lol) on the strain or where the 10 weeks came from but no this lady is very far from ready and if I had to guess it probably has 6 to 8 weeks from now to finish. Another guess you might have read that it takes 10 weeks to flower that’s probably 10 weeks from when it starts to flower not from birth.


You have a good wait still
You see those white hairs(pistils) they’ll turn inward and brown, then you get to watch the trichomes for them to begin to turn amber

It’s going to be at least a month before you even start checking trichomes out imo


Looks like your 3-4 weeks into flower. 6-7 more.

Long veg or slow growth.


Looks like you might back off on some nitrogen.

Sorry I should have said why, hard to tell from the photos but some of your leaves are definitely dark green, with a glossy curl to them. This makes me see they are nitrogen intoxicated :dizzy_face:.


When you see 3/4 of the pistils darkening… then you’re getting close. That’s when it’s time to start looking at the trichomes

Thanks everyone I appreciate all your advice. I must have missed undertook the 10 weeks to harvest for the autoflowering-seeds as I thought it would take 10 weeks from germination until harvest.

Most likely not. Seed banks say that more for marketing I think. Because EVERYONE wants their buds yesterday. Those timeframes might be achievable by pros.

Clever but misleading marketing.


They leave out veg time because with autos it’s highly dependent on whether or not you provide ideal climate and conditions. Could be a week. Could be 10 weeks. Same for photos because because for the most part the grower has control over it.

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Lord here we go again, I wish someone at ILGM and all seed banks would reevaluate these misleading BS grow times as they do not state the actual grow times with autoflowers. They are giving the misleading flower time knowing it also includes at least 3 weeks or more of veg. So take the time given with most say 10 weeks now add at least 3 more and that’s your time from sprout if not longer.

The veg time of autos is dictated by the environmental and climate conditions. Light intensity, humidity, training, transplanting can all play apart in the plants development. They list ideal/average flowering times. It is not at all a place where someone should start as they are very temperamental. Which is why they don’t say how long the grow period is, in total. 2 diff growers, same seed/different phenos one might hit 2 weeks veg one might hit 6-10 weeks veg. Banks can’t make that assumption because they can’t predict the average buyer of autos, and how they grow or their conditions. It’s impossible. Specially because for whatever reasons autos attract new growers. Which makes no sense to me. Probably a lack of information.

They also don’t specifically mention veg times for photos, because for the most part (within reason,) growers determine how long they want to veg.

The only numbers that matter is flowering times.


The problem I’ve seen is when you read it “seed to harvest”. That’s just misleading so I agree there. Maybe more specific about “9 weeks from start of flower” wouldn’t piss so many people off

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Yes that does sound misleading. :face_with_monocle:

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And when it isn’t stated from flower, how else would any reasonable person take it?

I’m sure I probably saw it and thought seed to harvest but I was in it for the haul and would have waited it out no matter how long it takes, so I didn’t pay that close attention to the estimates on grow time

To the OP
I hate that your frustrated, I get why you are irritated, and I hope you stick it out.

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