Sharing my first ever grow

She’s Really liking the layer of compost.

Damage from whatever was eating it. I’ve pulled them off and nothing has returned. I have jacks dead bug coming and gonna use that.

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He/she is looking good. Trying to fight the insects. I think if I did my research right I should be seeing the gender of the plant soon. Fingers crossed because I think its looking great right now. Wind has been making the stalk look good I think that is a good sign. Im slowly introducing jacks deadbug. This morning was the first morning I did a full spray. I think I should backfill it with more compost and trim the true leaves but not sure.

Cherry Pie Autos

9 or so days since these popped.

I started 3 more of them and I planted wayy too deep and yesterday I dug them out gently. They had popped but not seen any light yet. They seem to be doing okay now.

Grabbed this from lowes. I have a boogie basic filter coming for the water. (pretty darn excited about a filter :sweat_smile:). I havent tried the alaska fish plant food much more research is needed before i use it.

Hey @OGIncognito is that plant ready to be topped you think?

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Which plant Growmie, post a pic :love_you_gesture:

Sry bout that. This one here.


Very nice plant Growmie, I think I’m seeing the start of the 6th node?? If so growers choice and for an outdoor plant, I would go above the 5th or 6th just to keep you off a ladder down the road :laughing::laughing::love_you_gesture:

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Thanks…Yeah its not that much water…Ive moved them away from the fence as far from it I could…I haven’t noticed any problem so ??? I also thought about some sort of canvas or plastic tarp to put up if it gets out of hand…but so far its okay…I just get protective of my babies especially when they are small… :laughing: As far as chlorine I know our water has chloramines but not actual chlorine anymore .
Also I invested in some Purecrop 1 …I think you recommended / use it right?


Yes, purecrop 1! And Chloramine is just as bad and smells the same as Chlorine.

chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia so, to me, it’s even worse for us and the plants/planet

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I overused the Cpt Jacks dead bug at a bad time. We learn. So she is burned on the leaves. I hadn’t changed anything so I’m pretty positive that’s what it was. Besides that I think shes looking good. This is a little less than 30 days old. Not exactly sure what she is but it looks like it’s at least gonna be a female. Have no idea the strain either so if anyone had insight to what it could be let me know.

Also we got some more seeds coming :sweat_smile: Caught a little fathers day special. Bold move on the 1 packs I know.

Got a filter too.


@Caligurl Yes I hear ya I hate chloramines too…When I had an aquarium I used to have to use anti-chloramine drops…Flouride sucks too…So on the purecrop1 how long can I keep it once I mix it…Like say a gallon ?
@selfsufficientus Nice plant looks like you’re ready for more…Im not sure but it looks like bug damage…the burnt tips look like nute burn…but hey Im struggling with my own diagnosis so…?
A lot of time those pre- bottom leaves do that and the rest of the plant turns out fine…


I’ve used my PC1 a week or so later. I never read anywhere that you can’t store it mixed up.

Hi it’s my first grow too looks good though Im growing a runtz auto in Smyrna New York and mine is 77 days old she is small but beautiful sorry I don’t know how to post pics here yet good luck with your grow