Sharing my first ever grow


I just started my first ever grow and wanted to share my progress and plans. I have a baggie seed that has been in the ground for around 14 days and it looks great. I have no idea what strain it could be (Ill keep it away from the other plants).

I ordered Cherry pie auto from ILGM and 1 of the 3 i planted popped today.

I have three pots for experimentation purposes. A small bonnies plastic cup, a gallon pot (think thats correct) and a 5 gallon grow bag. I plan on leaving the 5 gallon grow bag and not transplanting it also adding some basil and clover. Maybe putting the bags into the ground.

The bags are going to stay in a old cattle panel chicken coop i have and im gonna use trellis netting to tie across the inside. One question I have is it any different for an auto plant when trellising?

I use foxfarms soil mix for my raised beds in my garden as well as a mix of my own compost i backfill. I just used that for soil in the bags. In the 25 gallon grow bag i added some organic material to the lower bag so it wouldnt be so heavy to move. Its looking like its still gonna be heavy but it will do.


Forgot to add I plan on fixing up the cow panel coop. It also has a door that you cant see. I will take the top off :slight_smile:


Congrats on your first grow! WARNING… Growing marijuana can and will be addicting LOL!

I don’t do scrogs, but I can’t see of any reason autos should be any different than photos. But I’ll refer to an expert @OGIncognito :wink:


Yes…congratulations…and as @Caligurl states YES its" highly" :laughing: addictive… :crazy_face:…I’m no auto expert but have been growing them a while now along with photos…opinions vary like anything …But I tend to leave my Autos alone to just do their thing…
hope that helps and Happy Growing!!


Thanks for the tag Sis, @selfsufficientus I don’t use a Net on my autos, and in my opinion the veg period is so short that filling a net within that time never paid off. With that said several autos could fill a nice net before flowering set in, it all depends on what your end goal is and I have seen single small SCROGs on autos. I top and LST all the autos I grow :love_you_gesture:


@Caligurl It already has me! Thanks for the help and tagging in some folks.


Thanks for the info! The little bit of research I did before i bought the seeds said i should try autos so i got those considering my space and it being my first time. The more I hear about the autos the more I feel like I made the right choice. I am hoping that my baggie seed is a photo though would really like to watch both of them grow to make my own assumptions.


Im reading up on LST and topping this morning. I feel like thats gonna be the next challenge for me. As for my end goals, The first couple of grows I just want to learn as much as I can but mostly just make it to harvest. Manage expectations and all that lol.


Excellent approach Growmie, keep me posted or if you have any questions. Growing autos can be a tricky undertaking, they need a great start and for the 1st 6 weeks. I can typically get a topping in around week 3 and 95% of the time flowering sets in around week 6 above ground :love_you_gesture:



Two of the cherry pie autos popped out the ground yesterday. I need to nail down the days they went into the ground for notes but they are lookin good this morning.

Third seed not popped yet. The bag had bush beans in it that I transplanted might be the reason.

Baggie girl

She’s got wet feet this morning. Not sure if that’s ok. That’s dew I haven’t watered it today.

The question I have is what’s the best/worst scenario for my baggie girl as far as gender and will it be more of a hassle keeping a male plant around? It would be awesome if it was a photo so I could keep the seeds. I wouldn’t want it to mess up the other autos I have.


The sun is much more forgiving with water or dew on the leaves. I try not to get them wet except early morning so they have time to dry before the heat of the day, but it’s not like artificial lighting at all.


@Caligurl …Funny you guys touched on that…it was going to be a question i needed a bit of clarification on…

  • I have a neighbor who sprays his trees with water often…and often it comes over the fence and into my backyard…sometimes it gets a little on my plants…He does it at night mostly It doesn’t drench them but I’m very protective of my babies …Nighttime temps are probably 55F-62F 6mph winds that vary? ? light wind sometimes…It doesn’t seem to effect them but ?..
    The guy is a good neighbor and I know hes not doing it on purpose…He doesn’t even know the plants are there…But it kinda still pisses me off…Its like spray the other way… :unamused:
    So you dont think it will a big deal then…?

Im new too, 1st grow. I was so nervous starting out and still am with a lot of things. Thanks to the help of this community my plants and I have came a long way. I did go ahead a try LST with one of my 3 autos I have. And man… the difference in just 14 hours was wild!! I put these clips I had on allll the wrong places…lol. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. So I posted on here with pics of what I did and got some help. I took their advice and was glad I did!! I will show you the plant b4 and 14 hrs after LSTing.


I am still very very nervous about topping. I do think I will try topping one of my next three though.


Yea I fear that LST is going to be a learning curve once I get there. Topping seems a bit nerve racking. Ill take a look at your post where you got some help. Shes looking great though.

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My first 2 grows I did autos. On this third grow I am growing a few photos this time and 2 autos. One of the reasons I wanted to do photos was to gain experience in up potting, topping, flipping to flower. I know you can do that on autos, but with photos those things are a bit easier as you have time to wait for the plant to recover, without it going into flower. I too have become addicted to the growing :joy:.

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Well, that depends. We have a scarecrow sprinkler that is motion activated to scare off the deer. It shoots over the strawberry garden and hits a branch on the oak tree. That whole branch has zero leaves. We wonder if it has to do with the chlorine… Is there a way you can block the water from hitting the plants?

Regarding temps and wind… nothing seems to bother them. If the winds are really high (like 40mph +, I put a sun screen behind the garden pulled really tight to help protect, but normal winds actually make the stems SUPER strong!

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@AL_GREEN Im curious if the neighbor has dead leaves all on his trees. When I water my pear trees if I spray the leaves and not just the base the of the tree the leaves will wilt and die off. I have to get a ladder and pull the dead leaves off a week later. Its probably from the chlorine like cali said about her oak. Maybe he has been watering them the same way for years and they have adapted to it.

Someone told me a story where a single guy had a plant and he only watered it with left over colas and it grew fine. He got married and moved in with his wife and his wife watered the plant and it died :rofl: would be awesome if true.

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She has some brown spots. Not sure the upper leaves look fine. I added some homemade compost to the bag. I think it could either be from hard winds or too much water.

It was BUGS. I found a spider, two caterpillars and some other insects that are eating the underside of the leaves. I pulled them off but i am gonna try some diatomaceous earth. I have neem oil but need to do more research before applying it to the soil.