Sexing first ever grow

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I can get some help. I am brand new to gardening and really enjoying it. Long story short, wife and I smoke on the reg, we are both in jobs that do not allow smoking or medical cards and we are sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money for our herb. So, I found some bag seeds and convinced my wife to let me prove that we can bring costs down. Well, I got all set up, actually popped 10 bag seeds, and kept one. I have been stalking this site for a long time and kept one baby growing for a while, about 6 weeks now.

Well, I think it is showing it’s sex, but I am not sure, and I think it is a male…BOOOOOO! Thank god I ordered some ILGM Lowryder autos and have one popped already. Can anyone let me know if I am correct?

This second photo is my 13 day old ILGM Lowryder. At least I know I’ll be good with this one. If I can get a decent yield the wife will be down with growing more at once, and I can make the indoor grow bigger.

Thanks for the help.

Yes the first pic is a male! Sorry. Wait for confirmation.


At least I got the other one started already. Damn. On a good note, at least now I know I understand what I am looking at.

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I aint tossing it yet, I will wait on a second and third, lol. Thanks for helping though man.

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Hehehe ok hold on tight :see_no_evil:

Just make sure it is no where neer any other plants.

yeah, only got the two going so far. If this one is definitely a male then I got nothing to worry about. What can you do with males besides pollinate?

Not fully developed yet like this onemale plant


It’s a male, no doubt.

AHAHAHAHA! I am stealing this s–t! That is f–king hilarious!

thats super male!

I admit I stole it as well.

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In theory any meme we use is stolen unless we made it! Who has time for that? naUurBjhtVU4

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True that :rofl: