Several questions

Questions from a fellow grower:

I know nothing about autos, but I’m a smart resourceful man, and have
gained tons of knowledge via internet byand friends, but the true test
lies ahead. Doing it right. You just spoke of misinformation, I’m sure
I’ve been given a ton of it. One guy said use 6" pvc tube, cut 3ft long,
stood up and used as a pot, soil, etc. Being that he said its all about
getting the tap root plenty of room to move down, since side branching
isn’t that prevalent in autos, vertical growth and trying to stretch out
veg as long as possible is important for a full potential auto. I know
you don’t transplant them, you final pot them after sprout. I am a firm
believer in the bigger the pot, the bigger the POT. Always works for me
before. On photo crop though. Not auto. Can you offer me some sound
advice on what pots? Oh yes, I’m using a brand new sun blaze 4’ 8bulb
40,000 lumen ho fluorescent. Bought 8 flower bulbs with to gradually mix
in when they are full flower. I’m in a 3’ x 6’ x 10’ closet. Also,
germinating auto seeds seemed to pop very quick, within 24 hrs. All
cracked, paper towel method, moved to soaked ph’d rock wool blocks. Out
of 9 seeds, 5 came up, 4 are stopped in tracks with 1/8 in tap hanging
out. No new advancement. ??? Help me Robert, I’m getting nervous.
AutoTrans Siberian(auto seeds),auto skunk 47( advanced seeds), auto
freeze berry(big head seeds), and auto blue diesel(advanced seeds)are
the ones that stopped sprouting. Up and running are auto
blueberry(Spanish seeds) auto berry Ryder(auto seeds),auto Mako haze
(kiwi seeds) , auto sugar baby(kiwi seeds). What did I do wrong? Help me

And another question:
What is going on here? Are those the start of herm balls? And what are
the single hair like things, not like anything I’m used to seeing, not
female calyx? Next to them in v are those balls starting?. This is only
two months old, small, because I took cuts from her too early I think,
did I stress her to herm?

Well your information is not entirely wrong a 6" pvc pipe lol not ideal but a deeper pot is very smart approach since autos tend to trigger flowering at first signs of stress tap root hitting the bottom would be stress. 5 gal smart pots aren’t as tall as a 5 gal bucket though they do have several advantages better aeration less risk of over watering so are the preffered choice of many auto growers. I don’t grow auto’s myself since I have space and prefer long veg but my understanding based on the info gleaned from dozens of auto fans on this forum is if you get them happy right from seedling and keep them happy they produce very well @garrigan62 @yoshi these 2 may have some very good suggestions for you. AS for your pic yes it’s preflowering give it a few more days then get mag glass out may be fem but you are right hard to tell sometimes

All good information - it’s a girl !!!

I don’t see any indications of a male or hermaphrodite, but it might still be a little early to sex this plant definitively.


I don’t see sny sign of msle or herm either.
As for pots i’m changing over to the smsrt pots. as Donald stated in his post the roots get more oxygen whish is a plus and they drain much better snd there far easier to move srounf…if you get the ones with handles…
As for the seeds, some may take longer than others so give them a little more time. If you got them from Robert he very well may replace them…but dont quote me …ok…lol
Now if you want some good info on auto growing follow this link


What am i looking at here, i hope this aint herm. Its my ak 47 photo, not auto, and she gave me six good cuts, three made it. Then this is what i see. Was planning on finnishing her off while cuts rooted and veg for a bit. Now i think she is herming

Still can’t tell, it might just be calyxes, or female pre-flowers. It could be staminate (male) pre-flowers, pictures aren’t clear/detailed enough, and it could just be too early to tell the difference.


OK thanks, I have never actually kept as close an eye on daily growth before, I’ve got tons of successful outdoor gardens, and two indoor. All were over ten plants, I only ever saw fully developed calyx with hairs, or ball sacks. This is first time actually witnessing from development. Really cool. She is very short and stout, if I hadn’t taken the six lower branches for clones, she would have never stunted, or possibly hermed on me. Instead just got super thick inside. Hopefully the stretch will get a little more hight. Oh yes, first time ever doing hydro as well. Trial and error. The pots next to her are my autos. Blueberry, Mako haze, sugar baby, berry Ryder .