Setting up rainpoint automatic watering system

Hello everyone, I just bought a rain point automatic watering system from Amazon and am going to set it up today in my 5x5 grow tent in 3 or 5 gallon grow bags. I was curious if anyone has ever set up one of these before and could give me a tutorial of sorts. Has anyone used this system before? I am moving my 7 girls from my 2x4 into my 5x5 flower tent . I want to get everything set in automatic feeding. Preferably have it turn on multiple times a day. So if anyone has any knowledge or suggestions in this area it would be much appreciated. Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend! Thanks for the support.


Are you in coco or soil?

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So I’m not familiar with this watering system but I’m all about automation :grin:
I’ve used autopots exclusively the past year and absolutely love the simplicity and freedom that comes with watering systems…

Flowering 7 plants in a 5x5 seems like alot to me as I struggles with more then 4 in my 4x6. That is useing 5gal bags.
For this reason I would say the 3gal is probably a better idea with so many. I would imagine with this set up properly and useing something like coco-coir, rockwool, or even buddy stones. You could have some impressive yeilds in 3gal bags :man_shrugging:

I will echo @MidwestGuy and ask are you growing in soil or coco-coir or something else ?
What you’re growing in will play a roll in how often to run the system.

But I’ll be following along to see how it goes :grin:

Coco. They outgrew the veg tent this week so I’m gonna move them to the 5x5, do some defoliating and set up the automatic watering system.


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I had a busy week so they missed their feeding for the last 2 days which is why I have a need for an automated system . I work 60 hour weeks some of the time so the automation will really be a game changer.

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Hopefully it all goes smoothly @1HappyPappy

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I use jacks nutrients

Love them

So I’ll probably leave them in the 3 gallon bags for the rest of their life cycle. The reason I decided to do 7 is because I did 4 last run and felt like I could definitely fit a coulee more plants in there.

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This is the very reason i ended up with 8 xl spring pots.
Autopots are expensive but man I live these things.
No way I could grow what I do and work full-time.
In summer I legit work 90+ hours a week, in winter its more like 25 hours a week.

Maybe I should just get autopots then. I have no problem throwing up an initial investment to make my life easier and my pot better quality.

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But since I bought the rain point system I’m gonna give it a try then maybe get autopots for my flower tent and use the rain point in the veg tent.

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Ugh I still have a bunch of trimming to do. Anyone have any methods of storing un trimmed flower to trim at a later time without risking mold or other issues?

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Oh yeah you can definitely fit them. Before I started useing the autopots I’ve had up to 9 in this 4x6. Some in 5gal some in 3gal useing soil and regular training.

I do alot less training now so things get kinda crazy in there with the explosive growth from the constant feeding over my hand watered soil grows :sweat_smile:

Not a bad problem to have :joy:

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That is actually what i am doing right now :sweat_smile:

It takes me 3-4 days to trim :sleepy: I use just regular totes with lids of course if it just a few days, thats a 7gal tote.

If it going be longer then a few days, say a week or more.
I use my 1 lb grove bags

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