Setting up Indoor Grow Room Light Advice

I was gifted two lights by the wife of a friend who will not be needing them for 15-20 years ( that is a story for another post). She gave me a 2200w Phlizon Led, and a 24” 4 tube T-5. I have a 4x3x6 grow tent that I want to set up for flower and a 3x3x4 that I want to use for veg. I plan on putting the Phlizon in the flower tent and the T5 in veg tent. I plan on growing soil only at least for a while. What lighting do you think I should have in addition to the two gifted lights? Are the lights I have sufficient or are they junk?

I have some plants I brought in from outdoors to finish growing under the Phlizon. They filled the tent, But all appear to be doing very well.

Appreciate any suggestions. As a new grower when you start looking on line it can get pretty confusing.

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A cmh would go nicely with that philzon. Or if you want to stick with LEDs get a quantum board

That philzon is 440 at the wall. So yeah, I think with the combined spectrum with a cmh would be great. That would give you 750 watt and the philzon has switches so if too intense you could turn one off.

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If I decide to go the led route what size quantum board would you recommend?

Two 260xl kits.

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Sorry to sound so unedumacted. I have no experience at indoor grows at all so this is all new to me. What size CMH would you recommend and what would adding a CMH do to heat buildup in the tent, I am currently venting the Philzon with a 4 Inch 150 CFM Duct Inline Fan attached to a 12" long carbon filter. Would I need to add a larger fan and filter?

I could use my current fan in my 3x3x4 veg tent. I have not bought one for it yet, and put a larger one in with the CMH and LED. Thanks for the help!

Yeah and I bet half or more of that 440 goes to heat.