Setting up auto drip irrigation with nutrients

I have 7 babies, all autos, 2 flowering, 3 veg and 2 just getting started. I normally hand water with specific stages of fox farm. But I got a big issue…
I have been assigned out of town work for a minimum of 3 months, I will come home every 3 weeks for 2 nights.
My spouse does not want anything to do with this project but has agreed to help out minimally.
My thoughts are

Get (2) 5 gallon jug of water with bubbler in them to keep them good

Set up drip system to get plant with irrigation pump.

My problem?
How do I add nutrients to the jug with out them bubbling out and settling to the bottom?

I tried this method for 1 day with grow big, big bloom and cal mag and some settled, some bubbled and stuck in clumps to top of jug and some clung to plastic tubes of bubbler.

Has anyone ever tried this or any similar with success? Any ideas on a better system? Please I need any advice or help to keep these babes going until they finish up.
I have lights and fan on timers and AC in room auto kicks on when gets to warm. They are in 4x5 tent. It was a 4x4 with a 1x1 section for clones I removed to make it a full 4x5x8. I have vivosun VS2000, a viparspectra xs1000 and viparspectra xs1500 on the way as replacement for viparspectra p1500.The vipars

suck honestly, I had the p1500 for less than 20 days brand new and it went out, so they sent the xs1500 and not sure how well it will actually work yet.

I believe you want hydro nutes for such system. I use General hydro nutes in my reservoir for coco. Also a second Small pump to stir your reservoir every couple hours can help. Hydro halos are better alternative to drip IMO. Even still you will need to hand water once a week to keep dry spots from developing. Have you considered SIP (sub irrigated planters)? With a little thought you may be able to use SIP with what you have already.

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Can I use the hydro nutrients for soil as well? I’m in soil mix organic. I’m wondering if I should leave the nutrients out of the water all together and only use them on the 1x a week hand water and set my wife up a premix of all the nutrients, she would just have to shake well. Do you think the nutrients would degrade by being premixed with other nutrients and water and capped for several week at a time?

I know you need minimal instructions for your partner so here’s what I’ve done. There’s not much way to get around them having to do soooome work.

I had an auto drip system running out of a 5 gallon bucket. Set it to dispense enough so that runoff is minimal. That helps with clean up. But pre weigh or measure your nutes so they don’t have to do that. My cousin couldn’t use a scale for squat and fried a couple autos i had going a while back.

And fill as many buckets as you can from your water source so they don’t have to carry buckets around.

This will allow your partner to simply mix a batch of nutes, and place the pump on the new bucket said batch was mixed in. On your return trips, go Bill Nye and measure all your runoffs and lights and such. Fill your buckets, measure more nutes.

Hope this helps!


Unfortunately I don’t think you will be able to pre mix nutes weeks ahead. Even with h2o2 to sterilize my solution, multiple layers of black plastic to block light and aeration to prevent anaerobic bacteria it will start to grow after about a week. @Borderryan22 had a great idea with preparing everything in advance. I use syringes to measure my nutes. you could make a few packs with pre measured syringes so all your partner has to do is stir into water and apply. Hydro nutes will stay in solution longer, but still not for weeks. I missed that part in my original answer. I would imagine your just as well off with the FF nutes. I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. My heart and prayers go out to you and your friend.

Plus, 7 flowering plants need a lot of water. Mine burn through 10 gallons every couple of days and I only have 5 plants going.