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I tried the outdoor thing for the first time this year and it is just too dam depressing. First round was Autos and Lost 80% of my bud to rot when it rained 10 days just before harvest and am fighting it on my second round which are photos. So I need to go inside. My only place to put a tent is in my detached garage which has no heating/cooling and being in the Deep South I get hot :hot_face: in summer and cold in winter. This is for personal use and I am a little over an oz/month kinda guy. It looks like a 4’ x 4’ will probably do the job. Since I spend well over $3,000/ year on this and I want the best quality bud I can get I don’t have a problem spending the money to do this right the first time. So top to bottom what do I need to accomplish this. I would really like to do a grow this winter, if there is a way to deal with periodic cold.


outside growing is tough … are you wanting to grow in soil or hydro?
winter can be done in your detached garage because it is easier to put heat in than take it out…


I prefer organic and soil. My outdoor stuff did great in a FF based soil with nothing but teas for nutrition, right up until they rotted.


OK…I grow hydro only but I understand that Sohum is a good organic medium to use…a 4x4 tent is a good starting point and you need a good light that will produce a good 35watts per sqft…you might need to get a dehumidifier also…


For an organic grow you might want to give Highway Dust. @Roadsideorganics.ok
@MeEasy has been using it. :blush::v:


I live in the deep south. I grow indoors. I have an 8x8 and my main room. Its a hexk of lot easier to grow in the cooler months than the summer. If you dont want to fight the heat too much, take a break during the summer months. I would suggest Coast of Maine Stonington Blend and their dry amendments. I would also grow photos and not autos. I feel like you would be disappointed in the end being that autos grow on their own schedule and yield is unpredictable. As far as heat for the cooler months i use a oil heater preset and leave it. For your light, looks at HLG. They are out of TN and have the best customer service around. Minimum 5 gal fabric pots. I grow strictly organic and love it.


I live in the Deep South as well and it does get hot. I would first and foremost add some insulation to the garage. This will allow you to better regulate temperature inside. If you plan on growing in the summer, a portable a/c unit is your best friend. They aren’t too expensive and will make a world of difference.

As far as setup goes. I started out in soil, but soon found coco is much more user friendly. Only drawback is daily waterings. I’m running 6” AC Infinity exhaust mounted outside the tent. It helps keep temps inside the tent down.

For lights, I love HLG. Good products but I hate how some models have the drivers on the light itself. It heats up the tent somewhat. I also have a ChilLED Tech X3 for my 4x2, it’s a sweet light.

I also have two 6” circular fans inside all my tents to help with airflow.

Nutrient wise, I use Jacks 321, easy to use and effective. I add powdered fulvic acid for root absorption. I also use Raw silica for plant growth (it makes the plant stem/branches stronger). I also use Fishsh!t at every feeding for microbes. Hit it with Recharge once a week and you’ll have a great run. Tag me with the “@“ sign and my name. Always here to help.


First real question is tent size. Torn between a 4x4 and a 5x5. Given an average grow how much should each size yield? The 4x4 would probably do it but the ability to grow a few more plants and try more varieties is appealing. Also it would seem pretty hard to work easily in smaller tents when messing with plants. As far as tent brand any suggestions would be appreciated. As in most things I like the pricier Gorilla best but not sure it’s worth double other tents with what seem to be similar construction quality.


If you need roughly a zip/month a 4x4 is plenty big enough and 3k is more than enough to do a 4x4 right and have money leftover. You’ll struggle growing year round without ac and heat though, and those can both be costly.

If you want the most success you’ll want to keep lights on temps around 80f. Lights out temps can drop 10-15⁰ without too much of an issue. A couple degrees one way or the other won’t change much, but trying to grow indoors at 100⁰ or 60⁰ will be miserable.


W. Tx here, 2x3 rv shower for the wife and me.

Personal use. We smoked a zip every 3 weeks before growing. We smoke alot more now.

Good light, good genetics and reading, we have not had to buy any smoke since growing our 2 every 90 days+. Good luck, find a mentor and youll be enjoying your own smoke, youll love it.


Well I think I will go with a 4x4. My question is if you are doing a scrog how do you get to plants in back. I am thinking 5 plants and already have some Blue Dream from ILGM and Fat Bastard from elsewhere so I think I will use them. Pretty much decided to go with HLG Blackbird light and AC tent and 6” in line with carbon filter.



The general advise here is each plant gets its own scrog net. Do not combine more than one plant

I use 3/4 pvc to build mine. I can lift out but not easy once big. I use brick layers string for the net. It stretches.

Mine is a two layer scrog. Not required to do that.

Here is an example. I use Autopot’s so the pics goes under the handles on the fabric bag. I got this idea from another member.


Have you seen the price of PVC lately :rofl::rofl: thats bad a$$ though…


Beardless made some similar, octagon shaped and he used casters so he could sit down and rotate the plant on wheels to attend to them.

Creativity at its best.

Yes pvc isnt cheap.


Good morning all. You can also check out @merlin44 he made some nice ones too. Happy Growing :blush::v:


With a $3k budget, I’d maybe think about skipping the tent and framing out a small insulated room in the garage with an air conditioner, ventilation, and room for a dehumidifier in it.


This is what I did in one of my out buildings, but I didn’t have that kinda budget. I only have one access, although it is a double door, on mine. This would make maintaining a scrog difficult unless it was on casters. With a tent you have multiple access points which would work good for a scrog.

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Mine came with enough cord to place driver outside of tent.
Don’t need to, the 350 and 260 work great Oct-May (uncontrolled lung room, garage).
@Bubbala has the right suggestion, Build a room, indoors.
Window or portable AC/Heater, dual hose is on my Christmas wish list.