Seriously considering hydro

Hi guys, I hope I have this in the right forum. I was looking into going hydro with a system I saw online from San Fran USA. I don’t know if I should enter the name so I won’t but it looks really good. I realize it’s less forgiving than soil but it has it’s positives to me, other than the obvious in the yields and somewhat faster growing times. Disposal of dirt is a big one since I have very close neighbors and Lugging out multiple 5 gal buckets of dirt during winter might not be so smart.
I read one of your posts about the water and was wondering if I have to change the water every 1 to2 weeks or just add more to compensate for dehydration. Our city water sucks and all we buy is bottled water for drinking and I buy distilled for the plants? I can’t see buying 10 gal. every 2 weeks. Is this a stupid question? Also the system is a top feed and DWC. It will fit inside the space I already have and I already have the lights. And the price seems to be pretty reasonable. Last question. If I get it can I use the MJ Booster I just got from here or do I need special types of nutes.
Thanks for your help.

If your tap water is really that bad you will want to invest into a decent filtration system, probably a r/o system that will remove nearly all or even some can remove pretty much all dissolved solids so you can have water that is nearly just as pure as distilled water.

Not including possibly numerous complete reservoir changes during a grow, you will often have the plants use gallons of water a day during vigorous times of growth as the plants will be transpiring quite a lot at these times.

With hydro, water & nutrients are key. When they get big, you will be going through water. Any filtration you can do to use city water will help. Hydro is only way to go!

Invest in a Reverse-Osmosis unit to filter your water. Absolutely essential to setting up a proper hydroponics grow room

As a new grower. I concur with the idea of the deep water culture (DWC) setup. Whether top fed, reservoir, etc. you use H2O is a key starting point, my water is pretty forgiving and sets almost neutral when I check PH. Mine is a simple change out the water at least weekly. They go through spurts/surges of growth and you will adjust you nutrients accordingly. I have the luxury of being able to manually do all of the water and I have flushed with water and adjusted because the little ladies as I call the 3 amigas, will let you know if they are happy or not. Just thought I would share. FYI you can see my most recent grow journal and this may help with the hydro set up ideas. Cheers

Thanks for the feedback cranfillc. I’ve pretty much given up on going hydro as I’m renting the home I live in and won’t alter the water system here by drilling or messing with it in any way. Also an r.o. system is a little pricey right now. I just bought a TDS meter today and my water here at room temp has a reading of 672 ppm. So yes MacG my water is “that bad”. Thanks though but I’ll stick with soil for the time being, but I hope I can try it at a later date.